7 Best Sneakers To Wear With Shorts

The best sneakers with shorts are hard to find. You’re not alone. I’ve faced the same problem. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

Sneakers are the best shoes for shorts. They are comfy, versatile, and stylish. They can make any outfit look lit. 

But you need to choose the right pair. Some are too chunky, flashy, or plain for shorts. You don’t want to ruin your look, do you?

That’s why I’ve created this guide to help you find the best sneakers for shorts. I have the best tips for you whether you want a casual, sporty, or trendy look. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

Plus, as a bonus, I’ve compiled a list of the best brands and models of sneakers for shorts. You won’t find this anywhere else. 

Best sneaker brands to wear with shorts 


  • Nike is a very innovative brand that always pushes the boundaries of innovation and creates quirky, fun, and unique sneakers.
  • Nike sneakers have an air bubble technology for cushioning and comfort.
  • Nike shoes are durable to a certain extent if used for the right purpose, and they have many categories, such as performance and lifestyle shoes.
  • You can wear Nike sneakers, especially the Air Max 270, with cotton shorts for a casual and sporty look. 

The Air Max 270 has:

  • A large air unit in the heel that gives you a bouncy feel
  • A sleek design that complements any outfit
  • A variety of colours and designs to suit your style

Air Max 270 How Do They Fit and Feel?


  • Asics is a brand that makes comfortable and performance-related sneakers that are versatile for different activities.
  • Asics sneakers have different tiers, such as the Gel-Quantum 180, a mid-range sneaker for walking or low-impact exercise. You can read more about it in this article about the best walking shoes of 2023.
  • Wear Asics sneakers, especially the Gel-Quantum 180, with cargo shorts for a laid-back and sporty look.  

Gel-Quantum 180 has:

  • A gel cushioning system that absorbs shock and provides comfort
  • A mesh upper that is breathable and flexible
  • A neutral colour scheme that goes well with any outfit

Asics Gel Quantum 180 Review How to Find Your Perfect Fit


Adidas is a brand that digs into their archives a lot and creates retro sneakers with a modern twist. Most of their sneakers have a vintage look and feel.

  • Adidas sneakers are a bit more bulky and filling to the foot, giving you a snug and secure fit. For example, the Adidas Marathon TR is a sleek retro but modern shoe that Adidas has reimagined for the current era.
  • You can watch the YouTube review that I did for this shoe here. The Adidas Marathon TR is reasonably priced at just under $70 and also quite durable with its gum sole.
  • You can wear Adidas sneakers, especially the Adidas Marathon TR, with khaki or cargo shorts for a relaxed and preppy look.

Adidas Marathon TR has:

  • A mesh and suede upper that is breathable and soft.
  • A boost midsole that provides energy return and cushioning.
  • A classic colourway that matches any outfit.

How to choose the right sneakers for your shorts

Size and Fit 

Size and fit are crucial when choosing sneakers for your shorts. You don’t want to end up with uncomfortable sneakers that will ruin your day. That’s why you should always choose comfort over style and get the right size and fit for your feet.

But how do you know what size and fit to go for? Well, it depends on a few factors, such as the brand, the model, and the socks you’re wearing. 

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • The sneakers should fit well, be comfortable, and feel nice on my foot.
  • I stay true to size for a certain brand, like Nike. I don’t usually risk sizing up or down. 
  • I test the sneakers before buying them. If online, I wear them on the carpet first. If in-store, I try them on. 
  • I make sure the socks I’m wearing are comfortable.

I reviewed a sick pair of Nike Vomero 5 on my YouTube channel. You can watch the video here and see how they fit and feel on my feet. 

I like my sneakers to fit snug, so I might half-size down or stay true to size depending on the model. These are true to size for me, and they’re super comfy.

Colour and Pattern

Choosing the right sneakers and shorts for your outfit can be tricky. You need to consider the colour and pattern of both items. They should create a stylish, compatible look that suits your personality and mood.

Here’s an example of how I pick sneakers and shorts that work well together.

Check this out. A few weeks ago, I attended an all-white party where I rocked a fresh pair of Nike Air Force Ones with shorts. That was the vibe for that particular event.

But that’s just me. You might have a different style or preference. You have to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Here’s a checklist for choosing sneakers and shorts in colours and patterns:

  • Check your wardrobe. See what you have and how they match.
  • See what you need to buy. Maybe get a new pair of sneakers or shorts to spice up your look.
  • See what you can upcycle or recycle. Maybe customize or repurpose an old pair of sneakers or shorts for a cool or quirky effect.
  • Feel comfortable in yourself. Wear what makes you happy and confident. Don’t mind what others think or say.

Material Quality



Regarding sneakers, material quality can vary greatly depending on the brand, model and price. 

For example, Nike Air Force 1s come in different materials and colours; some are more durable and comfortable than others. 

Adidas also has different styles of sneakers; sometimes, the higher-priced ones have better quality materials. But how can you tell if a pair of sneakers is good quality?

Material quality can vary greatly depending on the sneakers’ brand, model and price. Here are some ways to tell if a pair of sneakers is good quality or not:



Finding good shorts can be hard. There are many choices, but not all are good. Sometimes, quality depends on price, but not always.

Some brands don’t care about quality. They make shorts with cheap materials and poor stitching. They fall apart after a few washes.

How can you avoid these bad shorts and save money? I’ll tell you in the next section. Stay tuned!

Here are some tips to help you pick the right shorts:

  • Check the stitching. Make sure it’s durable and has no loose threads or holes.
  • Feel the material. Make sure it’s soft and comfortable on skin, and not itchy or scratchy.
  • Try on the shorts and see the fit. Make sure they’re not too tight or too loose.
  • Test the durability. See how they handle shrinking, fading, wrinkling and staining. (Keep purchase receipt). 
  • These steps will help you find a pair of shorts that fits your style and lasts long.

Style and personality

Your sneakers can say a lot about you! Here are some examples of common and personal traits that you might express with your sneakers:

Common TraitsPersonal Traits
Rolling up your shorts like some footballers doLeaving your laces untied
Wearing sneakers that match the colour of your shortsWearing sneakers that contrast with the colour of your shorts
Choosing sneakers that are popular or trendyChoosing sneakers that are rare or vintage

Many people share common traits, while personal traits are specific to you. Mix and match these traits to create your style and personality.

So, how do you choose the right sneakers for your shorts based on your personality? The simple answer is: go with what you like. 

If you love bright colours and patterns, you will like the Adidas Marathon TR. These sneakers are not for everyone, but they are eye-catching and fun. 

If you prefer something more subtle and classic, you might opt for a pair of white or black sneakers that match any outfit. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your sneakers and shorts combo.

Best sneakers for different types of shorts 

You want to rock your sneakers and shorts this summer. Right? Of course, you do! But how do you choose the right sneakers? Well, I’m here to help. 

I’ve curated the best sneakers for different types of shorts. Chino, denim, cotton or cargo shorts. I’ve got you covered. 

You’ll find the perfect pair of sneakers to match. And the best part is most of these sneakers have many colours, materials and styles. You can mix and match to suit your mood and personality. 

You’ll thank me later for this. And don’t mind my legs; they need a shave too. Haha!

Chino Shorts 


Chino shorts are a great choice for any outfit, whether you want to keep it casual or smart. One of the best options for this combo is the New Balance 327. Here’s why:

  • This sneaker has a retro vibe and a sleek design that can go well with any chino shorts.
  • It was released in 2020 or 2021 (basically new), I don’t remember exactly, but it has been a hit ever since. It has many variations, such as suede, leather, mesh and more.
  • And the best part is that it’s unisex, so anyone can rock it. Whether you’re young or old, a boy or a girl, you can pull off the New Balance 327 and chino shorts combo with ease.

It’s a simple and stylish way to dress up or down your shorts without being too flashy. Do you like this sneaker? Do you own a pair?

Denim Shorts 

Let me be honest: I don’t wear denim shorts very often. But when I do, it’s usually on a hot day or a holiday, and the outfit just works. And for some reason, I always pair them with a white tee. Do you do that too?

Denim shorts are classic, versatile and easy to style. And you know what sneakers go well with them? Black or white ones. Simple and sleek.

One of my favorite sneakers for denim shorts is the Air Max 270. It was one of the first colours that Nike released, and I have a black pair that I love. – Image

The Air Max 270 is comfortable, breathable and has a huge air bubble at the heel that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Plus, it comes in so many colours that you can find one that suits your mood and personality.

Cotton Shorts


If you want to rock cotton shorts with style, you need a pair of sneakers that match their vibe. And I have just the one for you: the Adidas X_plrboost.

This sneaker is new for 2023 and it looks amazing. Here are some of its features:

  • Futuristic design with rubbery side panels, mesh upper and a wedge midsole that has two layers of boost separated by a plate.
  • Super comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Comes in various colours and sizes to suit your style. 

I haven’t reviewed them yet on my YouTube channel, but stay tuned because they are coming soon.

You can also check them out in my article about the best walking shoes of 2023, where I go into more detail about their features.

Cargo Shorts 

Cargo shorts are a great option for summer. They have different colours and patterns. They also have many pockets for your stuff.

But what sneakers should you wear with them? I love the New Balance 530. This is a cool retro sneaker. Available in mesh, leather and suede. It is comfy and airy, good for hot days.

The New Balance 530 goes well with any cargo shorts. You can choose camo or plain design. It makes your outfit look different to the rest. So if you want a sneaker for cargo shorts, try the New Balance 530.

How to style your sneakers and shorts for different occasions

Here’s a secret: styling your sneakers and shorts for different occasions is easy. It’s about balancing looking sharp and being yourself.

You don’t have to follow every dress code, but you do have to be mindful of what’s appropriate. 

And you don’t have to spend a lot; sometimes, you can mix and match what you have. That’s my golden rule.

Here are two tips for dressing for different occasions:

  • Pick comfort over style if you will be in your outfit all day. But if you show up, let them know what you’re on. Get the colours out.
  • Match your outfit to the vibe of the event.

For example, don’t wear shorts and sneakers to a formal garden party, but they’re perfect for a casual pool party. 



Festivals are the perfect place to show off your sneakers and shorts, but you also need to consider the weather, the terrain and the vibe.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your sneakers for a festival:

  • Comfort: Pick sneakers with good cushioning, support and breathability.
  • Style: Match your sneakers with your outfit and the festival vibe.
  • Durability: Avoid white or light-coloured sneakers that will show stains easily. Choose sneakers that are easy to clean and won’t tear or rip.

A good option is the Nike Air Max 270, which combines all these features in a sleek design. 

But if you do end up with dirty sneakers, don’t worry. I have a cleaning article and video showing you how to use the best shoe cleaner ever: Reshoevn8r.

Casual Occasions

A casual occasion can mean different things to different people.

For example, I recently attended a day party in a warehouse (don’t ask). It was hot and sunny, but I knew it would get dark later.

So, I had to choose sneakers and shorts that would suit both the daytime and the nighttime vibe. I chose a simple pair of cargo shorts and a green pair of Adidas Marathon TR sneakers.

They were comfortable, stylish and matched well. If you want to know more about these sneakers, you can read my review here.


BBQs are one of the best ways to enjoy the summer. But what should you wear to a barbecue if you want to rock sneakers and shorts?

Here’s what to wear to a barbecue with sneakers and shorts:

  • Don’t wear white shorts if you’re going to be on the grass playing twister.. Go for something comfortable, practical and stylish.
  • Go for dark colours with a vibrant touch. For example, black shorts with red sneakers or navy shorts with yellow sneakers.
  • Experiment with different patterns, fabrics and styles. Just make sure they match well and suit the occasion.

Best Sneakers with Shorts FAQ

Do sneakers go well with shorts?

Yes, sneakers go well with shorts. In fact, they are one of the best shoes to pair with shorts. Think of basketball or tennis players who wear shorts and sneakers all the time. Sneakers are comfortable, versatile and sporty. You can wear them for any occasion and with any style of shorts.

What colour trainers go best with shorts?

I think white trainers are the best to go with shorts. They are classic, simple and stylish. You can’t go wrong with a pair of white Air Force Ones. They have nice panels and sometimes splashes of colour. They can match any outfit and make it look good. White trainers and shorts are a perfect combo.

Which footwear goes with shorts?

Sneakers are the best footwear to go with shorts, especially low profile sneakers. They are the ones that stop at the ankle and fit any style. You can wear them with crew, no show or ankle socks. They are also comfortable, cushioned and versatile. You can find them from top brands like Nike and Adidas.

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