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Image Source: Carson Park Design and Nike.

The Low Nike Air Force 1 remains extremely popular according to Nike and has sustained sales in excess of $800 million per year. This information comes from the intellectual property court filling Nike, Inc. et al v. Waskowiak et al

Since 1982 when the sneaker first debuted Nike Claims; “it has been released in over 1,700 colour combinations for nearly 40 years we have seen a number of limited, special, and premium editions of the Nike trainers.”

How does the sneaker fit?

Generally, the Low Nike Air Force 1 runs half size down, depending on the material used for the release and the thickness of the socks you wear. The toe box area of the trainer is roomy, depending on the width of your feet there may be slight variations. 

To make sure your Low Nike Air Force 1 fit, the widest width of your foot needs to fit inside the shoe without causing discomfort. Going up a size or down will not make your foot fit into them, the reason is only the length increases and not the space inside the shoe. 

What material is used in Low Nike Air Force 1?

The Nike trainer is made up of 13 different portions which can feature high-quality:

How long do Nike Air Force Ones last?

Sneakers worn casually for everyday use without using them for exercising expect 1-3 years of wear. Based on personal experience I have had some pairs for as long as 4 years and they are still in good condition.

Over the last 4 years I have placed my shoes in freezer bags (keeps dust away) and inserting shoe trees inside (maintain shape) will help to keep them fresh. According to research, unused sneakers can typically last for 2-3 years. 

The White Nike Air Force 1 is the most popular sneaker constructed of synthetic leather which will stretch and lose colour over time. Due to changes in feet structure as your tendons and ligaments become elastic and feet flatten this changes the shape of the sneaker. 

The majority of Nike trainers are designed with a shock-absorbing rubber sole to reduce the impact on your heel. Secondly, industrial glue is used to hold the upper and sole together using the following manufacturing process. Finally, precise stitching ensures the sneaker keeps its shape.

What to do if you have two different size feet?

Having different-sized feet is common and if the difference in size is small you should go up half a size when copping the Low Nike Air Force 1. 

The best option would be this pair of Nike Air Force 1 with adjustable velcro. 

  • Wear thinner or thicker socks depending on the difference in size. 
  • Losen laces if the shoes become tight. 
  • Remove an insole for the slightly larger foot. 
  • Buy shoes with adjustable features. 
  • Wear sandals or sliders.

Can I wear socks with sneakers?

Depending on the activity you’ll be doing while wearing the Low Nike Air Force 1 we recommend wearing crew socks, they cover the mid to upper calf. 

Crew socks come in a range of sizes, make sure they are the right size so that they don’t fall down as a result of being too wide.  

Socks usually leave marks on your skin when the elastic is too tight, this cuts blood circulations and becomes quite uncomfortable as the day goes on.

Some crew socks are thick and designed with cushioning this will minimise heel slippage and help your Low Nike Air Force 1 to fit better. 

Are sneakers supposed to fit tight? 

  • The ball of the feet should sit comfortably at the widest part of the shoe (shoe box). 
  • Toes should not be touching the end of the shoe.
  • The heel should not be slipping.

What can sneakers be used for?

The boys Nike Air Force 1 is an athleisure sneaker intended for low-impact activities such as walking, tai chi, dancing, or shopping (ahaha) had to throw that one in. 

As you rock your Low Nike Air Force 1 for daily activities such as walking arch height is reduced and can potentially cause an increase in the length or width of the feet.

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