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Are you looking for shoes that can handle any terrain, weather, and activity? Do you want to know how the Air Max 270 fit, feel, and look on your feet? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The Air Max 270 is a lifestyle shoe released in 2018 by Nike. It features a large air unit at the heel that provides cushioning, support, and shock absorption. 

The heel of the Air Max 270 has a giant Air Bubble filled with nitrogen gas and encased in a strong material called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). 

In this article, we will review the Air Max 270 in detail and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about them, such as:

  • Do they fit true to size?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • What size Air Max 270s should you get for narrow, medium, and wide feet?
  • How to clean Air Max 270?
  • Are Air Max 270 tight at first?

We’ll also tell you why the Air Max 270 is among the best walking shoes we recommend in our walking shoe guide. 

Does the Air Max 270 fit true to size?

The Air Max 270 fits true to size and is snug around your feet. The Air Bubble is hard, and the midsole has little cushioning, as I learned from wearing them for walks and workouts. For its performance and durability, the lacing system and heel tab are made with polyester and other materials, a core material in many Nike footwear.

Before buying the Air Max 270, here are some things to think about

The upper is flexible and easy to put on.Air Bubble “Unit” prone to popping  
Upper- Breathable mesh and synthetic materials (polyester) that offer performance and durability.Heel is hard
The rubber outsole covers the bottom of the air bubble and provides grip.Not waterproof

Editor: I think the Air Max 270 are good shoes that are easy to wear and match with different outfits. But I do not like how the heel feels hard and uncomfortable. Maybe I need some time to get used to it.


What size Air Max 270s should you get? 

If you wear the Air Max 270 for casual wear, I recommend going true to size as you would for other shoes.

Narrow Feet

Although you may feel like they run big for narrow feet, you should get your normal size and tighten the laces slightly.

Medium Feet

Medium-width feet, the Air Max 270 trainers will fit snug on your feet; it’s best to loosen the laces slightly for the best fit. 

Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, we recommend getting a half-size bigger than your usual size. 

The Air Max 270 might initially feel too tight, but you can adjust the fit by removing the insole. 

However, this will reduce the shoe’s comfort level, so you should wear socks with some cushioning. 

Extra tips for wide feet 

  • The toe box of the Air Max 270 might be too narrow for wide feet. Try wearing thinner socks to reduce the pressure on your toes. This might make the shoe more comfortable for you.
  • You can use a long shoe horn to slide your foot into the shoe without hurting your fingers. This will also prevent the heel from getting damaged.

How to clean Air Max 270?

The upper of the Air Max 270 is made of mesh and synthetic materials. You can use sneaker wipes with a textured side to clean it. This will help you remove the dirt more easily. Available down below!

Do not put the Air Max 270 in the washing machine, even in a sneaker mesh bag. 

The washing machine can weaken the glue that holds the upper and the midsole together. This can damage the shoe and affect performance. 

Watch this cleaning video to learn how to hand wash the Air Max 270. 

To keep the Air Max 270 fresh, place them in freezer bags (which keep dust away) and insert shoe trees inside (maintain shape)

Are Air Max 270 tight at first?

The Air Max 270 is not tight at first because the upper is made of flexible material that adapts to your foot shape. However, if you feel any discomfort, try these tips:

  • If your feet are between sizes or one foot is bigger than the other, choose the larger size.
  • Wear thinner or thicker socks.
  • Loosen the laces if the shoe feels too snug. 

Final Verdict:

  • Reasonably priced in the UK, they retail for £145 for men and women. Kids size retail for £90.
  • Affordable and widely available.
  • Mesh and leather used on the upper are easy to clean.

Air Max 270 FAQ

Why are 270s so popular?

The Air Max 270 is a popular Nike shoe with a large air unit that gives comfort and support. It is also a versatile shoe that can fit any style and occasion. It is inspired by classic Air Max models from the 1990s with a futuristic twist.

Why is the Air Max 270 so comfortable?

The Air Max 270 has a large air unit at the heel that cushions and supports your feet. It is made of strong and durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) filled with nitrogen gas. The air unit can resist popping on different terrains. The shoe’s upper is breathable and flexible, allowing your feet to move freely.

Can you wear 270s with jeans?

The Air Max 270 can be worn with jeans in any colour and style. They are versatile and fashionable sneakers that can match any outfit. We tried them with different types of jeans and found they look best with regular-fit tapered jeans.air-max-270-fit-with-jeans

How many inches does Air Max 270 add to your height?

Air Max 270 adds precisely 1.60 inches of height as measured by a Digital Caliper. However, this height boost may decrease as the air unit loses some pressure. Nike shoes that add height.

What are Nike 270s good for?

The Air Max 270 sneakers you can wear for any casual occasion. They are comfortable and stylish and have a large air unit at the heel that provides cushioning and support. They are good for walking on concrete, as they can absorb the impact and protect your feet.

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