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Adidas Spezial Sizing: Do Adidas Spezial run big or small?

Looking for an Adidas Spezial Low sizing review? Find out how they fit, whether they are true to size, and whether they are comfortable.

Have you ever wondered how the Adidas Spezial Low fit and feel? Try to check out these sneakers if you enjoy retro-inspired shoes with a modern twist. 

Adidas Spezial Sizing Video

Adidas launched the Spezial sneakers in 1979, inspired by the handball heritage. The new Spezial footwear keeps the brand’s DNA but with a fresh twist. It has a redesigned upper pattern and a modern hybrid of iconic style.  

In this article, I will review the Adidas Spezial sneakers and answer some of the most common questions about them, such as:

  • Does Adidas Spezials run big or small?
  • How do adidas spezial fit?
  • Are adidas Spezial comfortable?
  • adidas spezial on feet?

I will also share some pros and cons of these sneakers and comments from sneakerheads who have tried them. 

Adidas Spezial On Feet


The Adidas Spezial Low shoes fit true to size and comfortably. They have a narrow toe box and plenty of cushioning in the ankle area. The midsole is firm with little cushioning, but the insole makes up for it. 

Before buying the Adidas Spezial Low, here are some things to think about

Shoe is easy to put on. The toe box is narrow.  
Versatile can be worn with any outfit.Hard to clean. 
Flexible upper for a comfortable fit. Not waterproof.

Editor: I love the Adidas Spezial shoes, which are timeless and versatile. I can style them with any outfit, whether shorts or jeans. But the suede material makes them hard to wipe clean with sneaker wipes.

Are Adidas Spezial true to size? 


If you wear the Adidas Spezial Low for casual wear, I recommend going true to size as you would for other sneakers. 

Adjust the fit slightly depending on your foot width. 

Here are some tips for different foot widths:

Narrow Feet

If you have a narrow foot the Adidas Spezial fits perfectly for narrow feet. 

Your feet will feel secure in the shoe and with little heel slippage. 

  • Get your normal size and tighten the laces slightly.

Medium Feet

You don’t need to size up or down if you have medium-width feet; the upper is flexible. 

  • Loosen the laces slightly for the best fit 

Are Adidas Spezials good for wide feet?

The Adidas Spezial Low may feel too tight if you have wide feet, but it will stretch out over time. 

Here are some extra tips for wide feet:

  • Get half a size up.
  • Wear thinner socks.
  • Use a long shoe horn to put the shoes on comfortably.

What sneakerheads say about the Adidas Spezial


these shoes are so beautiful

I had these… it’s like walking on concrete

I will certainly be buying these Adidas trainers; love how they look. 

Are Adidas Spezial easy to clean?


The Adidas Spezial Low has a suede upper that looks great but needs some care.

You can use a suede and nubuck Cleaner to gently remove dirt and stains from the material.

Discover the best way to clean the trainer’s cleaning video. 

Watch this video to learn how to clean your trainers properly.

Store your Adidas Spezial Low in good shape in freezer bags to prevent dust, and use shoe trees to avoid creases. Your shoes will thank you for it!

Do Adidas Spezial run big?


No they do not run big, they fit true to size.

Having different-sized feet is normal, and if the difference in size is small, you should:

  • Choose the larger size if feet are between sizes or if one foot is bigger. 
  • Try wearing thinner socks to reduce the pressure on your toes.
  • Loosen laces if the shoes become tight.

Final Verdict:

  • Reasonably priced for casual everyday walking shoes
  • Good selection of colours to pick from. 
  • Premium-feeling suede and leather are used on the upper.

Adidas Spezial Sizing FAQ

Are adidas Spezial comfortable ?

I have been wearing the adidas Spezial for two months, and here are my honest thoughts on how comfy they are:

They are comfortable for a few hours but start to feel uncomfortable in the heel after a while because they have no cushioning.

Overall, I like these trainers, but they are not the most comfortable ones I have ever worn. They are good for casual wear but not for long walks or sports.

Why are Adidas Spezial so popular?

Adidas Spezial shoes are popular for their features and history. They have a retro indoor sports appeal, timeless design, fit, build quality and price that make them attractive to Gen Z users on TikTok and other social apps.

Why is it called adidas Spezial?

The name Spezial comes from the German word for special, which reflects the design and purpose of the shoe. It was created for indoor sports games requiring durable, flexible footwear to handle quick, intense movements and friction. The Spezial was special because it met these high performance and quality standards.

Can Adidas Spezial get wet?

The upper of the Adidas Spezial shoes is made of nubuck, a type of leather with a suede-like texture. This material is not waterproof and can get wet easily. You should use a water-repellent spray to protect them from water damage.

Do Adidas Spezial run small?

The Adidas Spezial shoes are unisex and do not run small. You can find many videos of people styling them with different outfits on social media platforms and reviewing the classic 1979 model.

Who made Adidas Spezial?

Gary Aspden is the designer behind the modern adidas Spezial. Still, the original 1979 version was created by a team of adidas designers for professional handball players who needed a sturdy shoe for fast and agile movements on the court.

Is Adidas Spezial made of pigskin?

Yes, the Adidas Spezial is made of pigskin. According to Adidas, the Spezial has a pigskin nubuck upper, a type of leather sanded or buffed to create a soft and velvety surface. Adidas sources its leather from animals raised for food production, such as cows, calves, pigs, and goats. Adidas does not use leather from exotic or protected animals and prefers to use responsibly sourced materials whenever possible.

What material is Adidas Spezial?

Adidas Spezial is a shoe model made of different materials, such as nubuck suede, gum rubber, OrthoLite®, and synthetic leather. Nubuck suede is a leather type with a soft and velvety surface. Gum rubber is a natural rubber that is flexible and durable. These materials combine to create a comfortable, stylish, and versatile shoe.

When did the adidas Spezial drop?

These shoes were first launched in 1979 for elite handball players and are now beloved for their classic sporty style. There have been different version-limited and general-release pairs.

How much do the Adidas Spezial weigh?

One shoe of the adidas spezial weighs 341 grams (12 Oz) both pairs weigh a combined 682 grams (24 Oz). adidas-spezial-weight

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