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Nike Air Max shoes do increase your height but by how much? In this article, we’ll compare the different Nike Air Max models and exactly how many inches and centimetres in height they add. 

Do you feel friends or people treat you differently because you’re short? Yes! Well, you’ve come to the right place. Comments from the community from people looking for the same answer have been included.

Imagine being equal in height or even towering above everyone. We got you covered!

I test, feel, and wear countless sneakers when reviewing them for sneaker enthusiasts like yourself. Did you know that added height boosts your confidence, provides good heel support, looks good, and is stylish when walking.

Nike Air Max TW

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.714
Insole Measurement: Inches0.188
Height Added1.90 inches (4.83 cm)

I own a pair of Nike Air Max TW; they are a great choice if you want comfort. Check out my thoughts on sizing and fit in this in-depth video review.

Air Max 97

Heel Midsole: Inches1.557
Insole Thickness: Inches0.243
Height Added1.80 (4.57 cm)

The Nike Air Max 97 increases height by 1.8 inches (4.57 cm); this was precisely measured by a digital calliper tool. It’s an all-around sneaker; you can rock it with shorts, cargo pants, or jeans.

Air Max 270 

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.422
Insole Measurement: Inches0.169
Height Added1.60 inches (4 cm)

If you want something affordable that adds extra inches, the Air Max 97 is the go-to sneaker. But beware, the air bubble can pop. Check out our article Nike Air Bubble, Popped? 5 Must-Do Things To Fix for tips and guidance.

Air Max 90

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.237
Insole Measurement: Inches0.212
Height Added1.45 inches (3.68 cm)

Nike Air Max 90 adds 1.5 inches (3.68 cm) in height. It is an everyday sneaker with all the essential features of comfort, style, and looks. 

The Nike Air Max sneakers measured using a digital caliper add an average of 1.70 inches (4.32 cm) to your height.  

Comments from the community 

Make you taller, not higher off the ground, yes.

Michael Margolies

They don’t physically make you taller, but they have a thick sole


They can make you a little higher off the ground, but they cannot make you ‘taller.’

Name Unknown

Reddit Comments

I’ve gotten numerous comments from family members about how much I’ve grown.

I recently bought a pair of vapor max plus, and I feel like a giant in them.

I’m wearing air bubble shoes that take me from 177 cm to 181 cm, and I get treated better even though they know I’m wearing height-boosting shoes.

Final Verdict:   

  • No sneakers can make you taller, but they can add height. 
  • The bubble in Air Max sneakers tends to pop, something to keep in mind. 
  • Rather than a height increase, choose sneakers that are either comfortable, fit snug, or are cheaper budget Nike sneakers.  
  • Check out my youtube channel for more in-depth reviews. 


Does Nike Air Max 97 make you taller?

The Nike Air Max 97 doesn’t make you taller physically, but it does add 1.80 inches (4.57 cm) of height. 

How much taller do Air Max 90s make you? 

Nike Air Max 90s don’t physically make you taller, but they add 1.45 inches (3.68 cm) of height.

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