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If you want to know how to buy sports shoes, you have come to the right place. 

Sports shoes are essential to enhance your performance and prevent injuries. But how do you choose the right pair for your needs?

People often make the mistake of buying sports shoes based on their looks or popularity. This can lead to discomfort, pain, and even injury. 

Everyone has a different foot type, size, and shape. You need to find the ones that match your unique characteristics and the activity you do. 

A good way to do this is to visit a running or sneaker store that can analyse your gait and suggest the best options. 

Remember, the right sports shoes can make a big difference in your comfort and performance. They can help you achieve your goals and enjoy your exercise.

How to Look for the Best Sports Shoes to Buy



Is the most important factor when buying sports shoes. If they don’t fit properly, you will face many problems.


To test the cushioning, perform a few movements that you will do when exercising. They should provide enough bounce and feedback with every stride.


Can vary depending on the person, but you should ensure that your shoes are stable and your feet feel secure. 


Depends on the type of exercise you do, but your shoes should feel comfortable when you hit the ground.


This is hard to judge, but I usually check the sole pattern of my old shoes to see if they’re worn out. 


Is a personal preference, but different activities require different styles of sports shoes. 

How to Determine Your Foot Type and Size

The first step is to know your correct size. You can either go to a shop and have your shoe size measured, or you could do it yourself at home. I found a great resource online. 

Understanding your feet is the foundation for selecting the perfect gym sneakers. 

Here’s how you can do it:

To identify your foot type, you must look at your arches. There are three common pronation types: Neutral, Overpronation, and Supination. 


This is where wear patches are centralised down the middle of the ball off the foot. 


This is where worn patches are on the inside of the sole, caused by the arch collapsing. 


Wear on the outer edge of the sole, caused by high-arch.

How to Buy Sports Shoes: Choose the Right Pair

Nike On Box

Running Shoes

Shapes and sizes vary depending on the distance you’ll be running, indoor or outdoor; they are designed to provide maximum comfort. 

Training Shoes 

Cross training shoes are designed to perform many different exercises well.

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes should be versatile for different surfaces and terrains and offer comfort and durability for different walking activities. 

Features and Benefits of the Sports Shoes You Buy 


Running shoes

CushioningHelps prevent injuries and reduce stress on joints. 
Support or StabilityImproves running efficiency and prevents overpronation or supination. 
BreathabilityEnhances comfort and prevents blisters or infections. 
OutsoleProvides traction and durability for different running surfaces. 

Training Shoes

Stability Improves performance and prevents injuries.
TractionPrevents slipping and sliding and allows for confident movement.
CushioningReduces stress on joints and muscles and improves endurance.
SupportPrevents overpronation or supination.

Walking Shoes

Comfort They reduce stress on your feet and improve posture and balance.
Durability Withstands wear and tear saves you money in the long run, and protects feet from injuries. 
TractionPrevents slipping and sliding and enhances performance. 

Cross-Training Shoes

FlexibilityImproves performance, comfort, and range of motion.
Support Prevents injuries, enhances balance, and promotes good form.
CushioningReduces stress on joints and muscles and enhances your endurance.
Breathability  Enhances comfort and prevents blisters or infections.

How to Buy Sports Shoes That Match Your Activity 

Nike Sports Shoes Comparison

Many sports shoes are in the market, each designed for a specific purpose and function. 

Depending on your activity type, you will need different features and benefits from your sports shoes. 

Here are some examples of the most common sports shoes and what they can offer you:

Walking Shoes: Perfect for casual walking or hiking

  • Comfortable and supportive.
  • Absorb shock and reduce stress on your joints.
  • Offer good traction and flexibility.

Trail Running Shoes: Designed for off-road running on uneven terrain

  • Provide extra cushioning, stability and grip.
  • Protect your feet from rocks, roots and mud.

Road Running Shoes: Optimized for running on roads or tracks

  • Lighter and more flexible than trail running shoes.
  • Suitable for speed and efficiency.
  • Suitable for flat and smooth surfaces.

Cross Training Shoes: Ideal for gym workouts, cross-fit, or other indoor activities

  • Versatile and durable.
  • Support lateral movements and changes of direction.
  • Provide adequate cushioning and breathability.

Are Sports Shoes Worth It


Sports shoes are great for boosting my performance because they have:

  • Cushioning: They protect my feet from impact and reduce fatigue.
  • Stability: They support my feet and prevent injuries.
  • Grip: They adapt to different surfaces and improve traction.

I’m a gym and running fan. I need sports shoes that can handle both activities. My favourite sports shoes are the Nike React Infinity 3.

They are road running shoes but also great for gym circuits, treadmills and outdoor running.

Sports shoes are worth it because they are versatile, comfortable and cool. They can do different things, cushion my feet and let them breathe. 

My feet sweat less after exercise.

How to Test Sports Shoes Before You Buy


Where and When to Buy Sports Shoes

The best time and place to shop for sports shoes depends on your preferences and needs. You can buy them online, at a speciality store, or anywhere else that sells them. 

Heading to a store? Go in the afternoon or after exercise when your feet have swelled the most. 

However, before you choose a pair, I suggest you look for online reviews, especially on YouTube, and read the reviews to see what others think of them. 

This way, you can decide and find the right ones for you.

Trying and testing, follow these tips and tricks:

  • Wear the same socks you use for your activity.
  • Leave some space at the toe box. You can use your thumb to measure the gap between your toes and the shoe.
  • Check the heel and ankle fit. The shoe should not slip or rub your skin.
  • Lace-up properly. The shoe should feel snug but not tight.
  • Walk or run around. Mimic your movements in your activity and see how the shoe feels. It should be comfortable and supportive. 

Test Sports Shoes the Right Way


Your shoes should fit your feet well. You should be able to wiggle your toes and bend the toe box without discomfort. 


Comfort varies depending on your foot type and activity. The upper should be firm or flexible enough for your needs.


Sports shoes should support your ankles and midsoles. The laces should be tight enough to keep your feet stable.


Performance is subjective, but you can learn from others’ experiences. Read reviews and watch videos to see how the shoes work for different people. 

When to Replace Sports Shoes 

  • Your sports shoes’ sole pattern is worn out or patchy.
  • The midsole is too squishy.
  • You feel pain after exercise.
  • The sports shoes are ripped. 

Experience with Sports Shoes 

What Global Triathlon Network says about sports shoes: 

identify which distance are you going to run and where are you going to run most of the time, road or off-road … go to a local shop and ask for advice so the people in the store help you with some suggestions

Spot a nice sale on a shoe that has great colour to match your shorts and shirt and buy your usual size. This has never let me down

Key for me is a) comfort & fit, and b) ‘feel’. If you’re a bit quicker, weight is important too

identify which distance are you going to run and where are you going to run most of the time, road or of
Type of Sports ShoeAdvantages and Disadvantages
RunningAdvantages: Cushioning and shock absorption. Lightweight and breathable.
Disadvantages: Less stability and support. More prone to wear and tear
TrainingAdvantages:  Stability and support. Durability and traction.  
Disadvantages: Less flexible and cushioned. Heavier and bulkier. 
WalkingAdvantages: Comfort and durability. 
Disadvantages: Can be heavier. 
Cross-TrainingAdvantages: Excellent stability and support. 
Disadvantages: Minimal cushioning. 

Walking Shoes: Perfect for casual walking or hiking

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Absorb shock and reduce stress on your joints
  • Offer good traction and flexibility

How to Buy Sports Shoes and Care for Them

Sports shoes need proper care and maintenance to stay in good condition and last longer. Here are some products and tips on cleaning, drying, storing, protecting, repairing, and replacing your sports shoes.

Final Verdict

Sports shoes are more than just footwear. They can improve your performance and protect your feet.

To choose the right pair, you need to consider your foot type, size, shape, and the activity you do. Look for features such as fit, cushioning, support, stability, durability, and style. 

The right ones can make you feel comfortable and confident and help you achieve your goals and enjoy your exercise.

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How to Buy Sports Shoes FAQ 

How often should you replace fitness shoes?

According to a study conducted at the Foot and Ankle Unit with 11 healthy female volunteers, fitness shoes should be changed every 500 – 700 kilometres as they lose their shock-absorbing capabilities. It is recommended to slowly break into new running shoes, using them for mild physical activity.

How do I find good sports shoes?

To find good sports shoes, watch expert reviews on YouTube or read online articles with original shoe pictures where they have them in hand. Try them with your activity socks in the afternoon and test their comfort and support. 

Which sports shoes brand is best?

The best sports shoe brand is the one that feels comfortable, fits well, and boosts your performance. You can find it by testing the shoes and watching expert YouTube reviews. Nike, Adidas, Asics, HOKA and On Running. 

What is the most popular sports shoe brand?

The most popular sports shoe brand is Nike because it has a long history of innovation and quality. Nike offers various sports shoes for different activities and preferences, such as running, basketball, football, and more. Nike also collaborates with famous athletes and celebrities to create unique and stylish shoes.

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