Bulk Buy Sneakers: Best Places Online and Offline

Last updated: 13th August 2023

Are you looking for the best places to buy sneakers in bulk? Whether you want to resell them, start a collection, or save money, buying sneakers in bulk can be a smart move. 

But it can also be tricky and time-consuming. You need to know where, what to look for, and how to avoid scams.

That’s why we created this guide to help you find the best places to buy sneakers in bulk. In this guide, you will learn:

  • Different sources and platforms have pros and cons for bulk buy sneakers based on price, quality, variety, and reliability.
  • The pros and cons of each option vary depending on the price, variety, quality, and reliability of the product or service.
  • Tips and advice on how to check reviews, prices, and verify authenticity to find good deals and avoid scams.

Read on to learn how and where to buy sneakers in bulk safely and efficiently, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Where to buy sneakers in bulk?

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E-commerce marketplaces can save you money and increase profits. Cook groups can be more reliable and allow you to negotiate the price. 

Facebook groups can help you find rare sneakers. Individual sellers, stores and websites can offer deals.

Here is a list of all the places where you can buy sneakers in bulk, ranked in order:

  • E-commerce marketplaces
  • Cook groups
  • Facebook groups
  • Individual sellers 
  • Stores and websites

Remember, buying sneakers in bulk is not just about using one method; sometimes, mixing it up and using the methods mentioned above is a good strategy. 

E-commerce Marketplaces: Bulk Buy Sneakers Online

Image Source: StockX

E-commerce marketplaces are a great way to save money and increase your profits by buying sneakers in bulk. Resellers are constantly posting the latest sneakers so you can find the best deals. 

You must contact many sellers on each platform to buy sneakers in bulk and group the shoes together. It’s probably the easiest way to do it!

I’ve done it myself previously when I used to resell shoes. It’s reliable because if anything goes wrong in a marketplace, the company or vendor is usually on hand to step in and resolve any problems. 

Lee Mlilo – Saucedby CEO


Depop is a fantastic platform to bulk-buy sneakers. Many resellers post items they’ve either just won in raffles or have been sitting on for a while.

With over 30+ million users, Depop is an online marketplace where reselling sneakers is popular. It’s like social media for shopping. Sellers can sell new and used items on the platform.

Depop’s in-app payment system keeps all transactions private as Depop staff monitor messages.


  • Secure payments are available.
  • You can find unique and vintage sneakers that you might not find anywhere else.


  • Depop suspends accounts that violate rules as part of its strict policy.
  • You must contact multiple sellers to get all the sneakers you want.


eBay is a great place to buy sneakers in bulk. There are plenty of options available in different sizes and the latest sneakers. 

eBay prides itself on providing professional authentication and secure delivery to sell shoes on its platform. 

The authentication service includes verifying the box, sizing label, soles, stitching, logos, heel tabs, and laces. eBay will verify a pair and generate a unique NFC tag to confirm authenticity.


  • Professional authentication and secure delivery on all sneaker sales over $100 are some benefits of using eBay.
  • No processing fees – the lowest fees mean more profit in your pocket.
  • You can name your price, giving you much greater value than settling for marked-up prices at sneaker stores and websites.


  • Less opportunity to negotiate on the price.
  • Some sellers on eBay sell high-grade replica sneakers, which the authentication team might need to pick up. 

Cook Groups: Join the Sneaker Community


Sneaker cook groups are the perfect place to bulk buy sneakers. They’re communities for sneakerheads where you can find many available and hype sneakers from your region or country. 

The most reliable and popular groups are on WhatsApp and Discord servers. They’re ideal for networking and meeting people with the same interests. 

Plus, they act as a helpful community where you can share tips and tricks on how to get the best deals.


  • You always have the latest release information.
  • Peer-to-peer run communities so you can negotiate on prices. 
  • Admins usually monitor groups, and there is typically a set of rules to follow.


  • Admin and group owners are not responsible for transactions.
  • The information provided is only sometimes reliable, so you must do your own research. 
  • Sometimes resellers don’t always have sneakers in bulk; they usually have one or two pairs.

Facebook Groups: Find Sneaker Deals and Tips


Facebook sneaker groups are like public and private communities for sneakerheads where you can find many available and specific sneakers from your regional country (US Facebook Sneaker Groups). They’re perfect for anyone who wants to buy or sell sneakers. 

Plus, they act as a helpful community where you can share tips and tricks on how to get the best deals. 

And if you need the community to authenticate a pair of sneakers.


  • One benefit of joining Facebook groups is that these communities are peer-monitored.
  • There are plenty of deals to be found. Resellers are always looking to negotiate and are the best place to find hard-to-find sneakers.


  • As with any lead community group, you can never be too sure that the sneakers you buy in bulk are authentic or that you’ll receive the correct sizes.
  • One seller will only have some of the pairs or sneakers you want. 

Individual Sellers: Negotiate with Sneaker Resellers


Individual sellers are an excellent source for buying sneakers in bulk for reselling. You can use your network and online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Forums, Sneaker Conventions and Local store employees (Plugs) to find people selling sneakers.

This method gives you a variety of sneakers to choose from. However, it can be time-consuming and risky.

You have to check the sellers’ reputation and the sneakers’ authenticity – ask people in the community or read comments, reviews and testimonials.

Sneaker conventions are events where sneaker enthusiasts gather to buy, sell, and trade sneakers. You can find many rare and exclusive sneakers at these events and network with other resellers. 

Some examples are Sneaker Con, Sneakerness, Sole Exchange and Crep City. 

If you’re looking for more options on where to buy sneakers and other types of shoes in bulk for reselling, you can check out this guide which provides tips on sourcing shoes from wholesale shoe suppliers.


  • Networking and building relationships with individual sellers can help you find reliable suppliers.
  • You can do the purchasing transaction in person rather than sending money over PayPal or other payment forms.


  • You’ll unlikely save as much money as you think when purchasing from individual sellers, as the reseller also wants to make a profit. You’ll need good negotiation skills.
  • You may need to inspect the sneakers’ quality and authenticity quickly and immediately.

Stores and Websites: Buy Wholesale Sneakers Directly

Nike Store Paris, France

If you’re looking to buy sneakers in bulk, many stores and websites can help you. You can start by searching for local footwear stores that deal in sneakers. 

This way, you can check if the sneakers are authentic and buy in bulk from them. 

Some physical stores may also have hidden gems or clearance sales that you can take advantage of.

Some online retailers offer great deals and freebies on bulk sneaker sales, which are also cool gifts for sneakerheads.

Benefits and challenges of buying sneakers in bulk from sneaker stores and websites:


  • You can purchase sneakers in bulk if allowed on the same day.
  • You can negotiate a bulk deal with the owners or managers of physical stores.
  • You may find some hidden gems or clearance sales at physical stores.


  • Big brands like Nike and Adidas discourage stores/vendors from doing back door deals and selling shoes in bulk if they’re limited release.
  • All bulk sales will be final, and no refunds will be allowed.
  • You should rely on something other than finding an inside employee as your only source of buying sneakers in bulk because it is challenging.

How to bulk buy sneakers? 

One of the main difficulties of buying sneakers in bulk is access to limited releases. These sneakers are in high demand and sell out quickly on online platforms.

To increase your chances of getting them, use the following methods:

  • Ask multiple people to buy sneakers on your behalf and offer them a commission. This way, you can bypass the purchase limits and get more pairs.
  • Subscribe to the email lists of sneaker stores or websites that sell limited releases. This way, you can get notified when new sneakers drop and act fast.
  • Do your research on the sneakers you want to buy. You can use tools like [StockX] or [GOAT] to check different sneakers’ market prices.

Profile Jigging: Avoid Getting Banned


Want to buy many sneakers? Try profile jigging. Change some details on your profile for shoe websites. Use different details for each buy.

For example, once you’ve reached the checkout page, you usually have a billing details tab shifting details, phone number, email etc. If you do this correctly, your chances of bulk buying multiple pairs of sneakers will increase.

Jigging does not guarantee to work 100% of the time; it’s all about trial and error, ensuring consistency, and trying different methods.

Disclaimer: Saucedby does not advocate or promote jigging in any form. It’s something that many resellers do to increase their chances of buying sneakers in bulk.

Sneaker Bots: Bulk Buy Faster and Easier


We don’t mention how to use bots or which ones are good. But we tell you what sneaker websites do to stop bots.

Sneaker websites that stop bots:

  • Nike SNKRS
  • JD Sports
  • Size?
  • Offspring

One of the ways sneaker websites can see someone is using a bot to check out multiple pairs of shoes if they get multiple checkouts with the same information. 

Sneaker websites check IP addresses to see if many checkouts come from one place. This is how they stop people who want to buy lots of sneakers.

While bots may seem like an easy way to bulk buy sneakers, they can be expensive to run and constantly need to be updated. You can try other methods that may be more effective and affordable.

Sneaker Bot Alternatives:

  1. Buy from individual sellers: Try your luck by searching for local sneaker resellers.
  1. Sneaker Websites: These websites allow you to buy sneakers in bulk using the same card and billing information.

Sneaker Buying Strategies: Save Time and Money


One of the most successful strategies for buying sneakers in bulk is entering multiple raffles, either yourself or having other people enter the raffles for you. 

We will not detail how to do this within this article, as certain sneaker websites and stores have policies against it.

However, as with anything, and we’re here to tell you the truth within the sneaker industry, this is a common practice, and it’s happening a lot. 

Another strategy is having proxies – this person will cop sneakers on your behalf, and usually, you give them a cut.

Knowing which releases will likely command a significant price premium on the resell market is crucial if you’re interested in reselling sneakers.

You can also check out some of the biggest sneaker resale sites, such as StockX, to find which sneakers are the best to buy in bulk.  

Think Outside The Box 


One way to buy sneakers in bulk is by using Instagram to search for sneaker reselling pages and contact them directly. Doing this will often build your contacts and connections to help you buy bulk sneakers.

You can also source shoes from other resellers who purchased on release day. This requires a hefty initial investment and determination. 

Bulk Buy Sneakers FAQ

Where can I buy nice sneakers online?

There are many options to buy nice sneakers online, depending on your preferences and budget.

Footwear retail websites: These are websites that sell new sneakers from various brands and styles. You can find multiple sneakers for different purposes, such as sports, casual, or fashion. Some examples of retail footwear websites are Nike, Schuh, Footasylum, Footlocker, and Offspring.

Resell market platforms: These let users buy and sell rare, limited-edition, or vintage sneakers, such as StockX, GOAT, and eBay.

Online auctions: allow users to bid on sneakers for sale by other users or sellers, such as eBay and Sotheby’s.

Nice sneakers mean different things to everyone, but each place will have the latest sneakers available to buy. Before purchasing, you can compare other sneakers’ prices, reviews, and features.

Can I make a living selling sneakers?

Yes, you can. Some people quit their jobs and sell sneakers full-time. You can also create a new life for yourself. For example, SM Creps made a six-figure business and a TV show selling sneakers.

You need to know the market, the customers, and the best places to buy and sell your sneakers. You also need good marketing, network, and customer base. If you have these, you can make a living by selling sneakers.

How profitable is selling sneakers?

Before Saucedby became an online source for sneaker news, guides, tips, and release dates, we used to resell sneakers. 

Selling sneakers can be profitable if you buy the right shoes at the right time and keep costs low. For example, we made a hefty profit by marking up Nike Dunks 100 – 150% when they were hot. 

Knowing market trends: Know what sneakers are in demand, popular, and hot. Know when and where new releases happen and how to get them.

Finding the best sources: Find reliable and cheap sources to buy sneakers from. Compare prices, quality, and authenticity before buying. Buy from various places like websites, platforms, auctions, or stores.

Managing stock: Track your inventory, such as number, size, colour, and cost of sneakers. Store sneakers properly to prevent damage or loss.

Marketing your sneakers: Promote your sneakers to buyers. Use channels such as social media, websites, blogs, or forums. Create attractive and informative content like photos, videos, reviews, or stories. Communicate with customers and reply to comments. 

Selling: Sell your sneakers at the right price and time. Use platforms, such as platforms, auctions, or your website. Set a fair and competitive price that reflects market value and demand. Ship sneakers quickly and safely to customers.

Does reselling sneakers work?

Reselling sneakers can be profitable and fun but requires commitment, consistency, and knowledge. To succeed in reselling sneakers, you need to:

Be part of the sneaker community: Share info, tips, and deals. Learn from resellers, get offers, and network.

Know the hottest sneakers in the market: Follow trends, releases, and news. Know what sneakers are in demand and hot. Know how to get new releases.

Offer the best sneakers to your customers: Source from reliable and cheap places. Check condition, price, and rarity before buying or selling.

Make your social media channels look good: Create attractive and engaging content. Post the latest kicks, show your collection, and interact with followers. Use hashtags, keywords, and tags to increase visibility and reach.

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15 Best Facebook Sneaker Groups Right Now

Last updated 12th March 2023

This is a complete list of the best Facebook sneaker groups to buy, sell, trade network, discuss and check out the latest sneakers in the marketplace.   

Are you looking for a sneaker you can’t find anywhere, or maybe you are just looking for deals and the ability to negotiate without high fees?  Discover the 17 reasons why Nike sneakers are so expensive to buy?

Before I started reviewing shoes on my Youtube channel and writing blogs, I was like you, looking for sneakers to resell at reasonable prices. Facebook was excellent. I could negotiate without worrying about the high fees you find on secondary marketplaces (you know who I’m talking about). 

The best Facebook sneaker groups worldwide are listed below if you are new to reselling sneakers and want to buy or sell them for the best price. Or maybe you need the community to authenticate a pair of sneakers. We got you covered.

UK Best Facebook Sneaker Groups 

Sneaker Myth (Community & Marketplace)

Sneaker Myth

Sneaker Myth is one of the biggest Facebook Sneaker Groups in the UK, created in August 2013 by Vivian Frank. Vivian Frank is the founder of Famous Grail, an online store that specialises in Streetwear & Collectibles. The main topics of discussion within the group are Want To Buy (WTB), Want To Sell (WTS) and Legit Check (LC). The sneaker group has members from all over the world.



Group Type

Private Group

Group Rules

  • Respect everyone’s privacy.
  • No hate speech or bullying.
  • No promotions or spam.
  • Be kind and courteous.

Location:  Berlin, Germany – Paris, France – London, United Kingdom

Sneaker Community UK

Sneaker Community UK

One of a few public Facebook trainer groups that have been active since December 2019 for buying and selling used and new kicks. Find out the latest release information, deals, discount codes, and meet like-minded sneakerheads.



Group Type

Public Group

Group Rules

  • Respect your fellow sneakerheads.
  • No promotions, spam, or links to replica trainers.
  • No hate speech or bullying.

Nike UK – Buy / Sell

Facebook: Nike UK

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Predominantly a Nike buying and selling group formerly called Sneaker Talk. Selling sneakers in this group needs to be done in the following format. 



Group Type

Private Group

Group Rules

“If you post anything other than Nike’s, you will be banned.”

Crepe City: Marketplace

Crepe City Marketplace

Crepe City marketplace is part of the popular Sneaker and Lifestyle event in Europe, showcasing the most reputable sneaker resellers with the rarest and most exclusive sneakers for sale. The marketplace allows like-minded sneakerheads a platform to network, buy, and sell sneakers.

Group was created in March 2012.



Group Type

Private Group


Group Rules

Crepe City: Community

Crepe City Website

Welcome to the Crepe City Community, This sneaker group is strictly for discussion and sharing news. The purpose of this group is to provide a space for all sneaker, fashion, and culture-related chat.

The group was created in May 2010.



Group Type

Private Group


Group Rules

Air Jordan Best Sneaker Groups

Jordan 1 Mids and Lows Only

Facebook: Jordan 1 Mids & Lows

For all things Jordan 1 Mids and Lows, this is the group to find all the information you need. The group first debuted in July 2020 and is still growing, with most of its members from the UK and Europe.  Good group to source rare/limited Jordan 1 Mids and Lows.



Group Type

Public Group

Group Rules

  • No hate speech or bullying.
  • Respect everyone’s privacy.
  • No Fakes.
  • Posts need to be in English.

Just Jordans UK/EU (Buy, Sell & Trade)


Not limited to Air Jordan sneakers, clothing and collectables are also accepted. If you are a massive Jordan enthusiast, the Just Jordan sneaker group is an excellent space to buy, sell and trade trainers.

The Sneaker group was created in January 2015.



Group Type

Private Group

Group Rules

  • No Fakes.
  • Jordan’s Only.
  • Always Pay using Goods and Services on PayPal.
  • Tagged Photos.

EU Facebook Sneaker Groups

Sneaker Heads Community – Buy – Sell – Trade UK/EU

Sneakerheads Community

If you need the latest trainers and are based in the UK/EU, this is the best sneaker community to buy, sell and trade. Ideally, sneaker resellers look for information to source sneakers by finding bulk resellers or plugs to sell their stock.



Group Type

Private Group

Group Rules

  • No hate speech or bullying.
  • Authentic items only.
  • No promotions of other groups similar to this one.
  • No posts about raffles that someone is running.

Sneakers & Streetwear UK/EU

Group Cover Image

Formerly Supreme UK/EU. This is the group to be a member of for limited edition streetwear items and sneakers. The main sections in the group are buy & sell, discussion, topics, and questions. The questions section focuses on member authentication checks for all items and sneakers.



Group Type

Private Group

Group Rules

  • No selling items not in hand. 
  • Tagged photo always.
  • Bumping is only allowed every 6 hours.
  • Use PayPal goods & services.


Facebook: NIKE SB

Established in May 2014, the Nike SB Europe Facebook group is a forum for all Nike Skateboard fans in Europe and the rest of the world.

Platform to discuss and post your WDYWT ” What Did You Wear Today ” pictures for other SB lovers to see. Also doubles as an excellent place to buy, sell, and trade in a regulated environment.



Group Type

Private Group

Group Rules

  • Be kind and courteous.
  • Respect everyone’s privacy.
  • Sale / Trade posts.

New Balance Facebook Groups



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If you need a group to share your latest New Balance with a community of like-minded sneaker addicts. No trainers are too old; you are good to go as long as they’re NB. With over 75,000 members, the sneaker group doubles as a buying and selling marketplace.

New Balance has been about since November 2013. 



Group Type

Public Group

New Balance Talk Buy/Sell/Trade


This is a group of people who share the love for the brand New Balance, with a focus on casual, lifestyle, “runners” models. Open discussion about past, current, and future releases of shoes, sales, and trading is recommended in the group.

The group was first created in November 2015 and has established itself as a reliable source of information.



Group Type

Private Group

Group Rules

  • Only New Balance.
  • All sales and trade posts MUST be tagged.
  • Shoes must be in hand.
  • No selling above retail price before 60 days.

US Facebook Sneaker Groups

Sneaker Addicts 

Sneaker Addict

As the name suggests, this is a US-based sneaker group created on 30th May 2020 for Sneaker Addicts to sell, buy and post their footwear. The group has zero tolerance for harassing other members, and you will be removed, a safe space to network with other sneaker enthusiasts. 

Members are discouraged from posting questions about where to buy or providing answers on where to buy replica sneakers. 



Group Type

Private Group

Group Rules

  • All Selling/Trading Posts Must Be Tagged.
  • No Selling Of Fakes.
  • Scammers Will Be Blocked.

Hypebeast Buy & Sell 


Hypebeast is a person who is always looking to purchase and present themselves wearing fashionable sneakers and clothes.

As the name suggests, it is primarily a buying and selling sneaker group. This is a good group if you want to sell, buy or find popular discussions about Nike, Yeezy, Yeezy, or Air Jordan discussions.



Group Type

Private Group

Group Rules: 

  • Be kind and courteous.
  • No hate speech or bullying.
  • No promotions or spam.
  • Respect everyone’s privacy.

Holy Grail Runners Club –  US


Holy Grails, often called GRAILS, are sneakers of significant value to the owner, usually rare, limited, or friends and family editions.

This sneaker group is popular with collaboration trainers from brands such as New Balance, Asics, and Nike. Group was first created in November 2014 to discuss and share information primarily.



Group Type

Private Group


Group Rules

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