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New Balance 2002r – Are Comfy & True To Size?

The New Balance 2002r steals its looks from other NB models especially the 990, the R was added in the 2020 re-release after first dropping in 2010. The sneaker is a combination of multiple sneakers with the N-ERGY gel cushioning midsole similar to the 860 V2. The original 2002 sneaker was designed by Senior Creative Design Manager, Performance Running, Andrew Nyssen. 

New Balance was founded in 1906 as NB Arch Company in Boston and produces unisex performance running sneakers and apparel. Their sneakers focus on performance (customers foot) first and then design. “On average, each shoe consists of approximately 30 different parts sewed or boned together using different techniques.”  

  • Bought by Paul Kidd in 1956 – Hand-crafted Trackstar running shoe was introduced. 
  • Jim Davis, bought the company from Paul Kidd in 1972.

Do the new balance 2002rs run true to size?

new balance 2002r on foot

Yes, the new balance 2002r trainers fit true to size with a snug toe box. If your size is between 7-10 (UK) with wide or flat feet they will fit tight in the toebox area, until you have worn them a few times. If you have wide or flat feet think about wearing thinner socks and loosening the laces.

New Balance has information on their website on how to lace your sneakers correctly. 

new balance 2002rs On Feet Review

All-day comfort. Expensive. 
Fit true to size.Hard to clean. 
Premium materials used.Collab editions are hard to buy. 

The New Balance 2002r fits narrowly, the widest width of your foot will feel tight in the toebox area. Wearing thinner socks may result in a better fit.  

What size should you get?

The new balance 2002r are narrow-fitting trainers from the foot arch to the toebox. 

Narrow width feet

For narrow feet, you may feel like they fit tight on your toes but just get your normal size and loosen your laces slightly. After wearing them a few times the shoe will mold to your foot and start to feel roomier.  

Medium width feet

Medium-width feet the 2002r trainers will fit tight on your feet, it’s best to loosen the laces slightly when tied. Half size up from your normal size. 

Wide width feet

For wide feet they don’t fit true to size would suggest you get a half size up. If the sneaker feels too tight remove the insole and wear without. The best option would be to go for a different model like the New Balance 574. 

Extra tips for wide feet 

  • If you have wide feet the widest part of your foot is likely to be squashed against the toe box sides, which is uncomfortable to rock casually and performing different activities. 
  • If your feet are wide this will probably cause blisters and a bit of soreness.

How to clean new balance 2002rs new balance 2002r


The New Balance 2002r is made with a suede, textile and mesh upper. To clean use a dry bristle brush or a suede cleaning kit. Check out our cleaning-related cleaning video for the best cleaning product kit to use.  

To keep the new balance 2002rs fresh place them in freezer bags (keeps dust away) and insert shoe trees inside (maintains shape)

What to do if you have two different size feet?


Having different-sized feet is normal and if the difference in foot size is small you should:

  • Choose the larger size if one foot is bigger than the other. 
  • Wear thinner or thicker socks depending on the difference in size. 
  • Go for another model such as the 574 with a wider toe box. 
  • Losen laces if the shoes become tight. 

Is new balance 2002r new balance 2002r Sneakers Durable?

new balance 2002r heel

For Creasing  

Yes, the majority of the upper is made with mesh and suede which makes it less likely to crease. The midsole uses N-ERGY cushioning technology a responsive gel that is durable and highly flexible. Make sure you rotate your shoes so you don’t overwear them.

For Stretching 

Yes, the NB 2002r is less likely to stretch, as there is little use of leather on some models. Naturally, the sneaker will stretch and mould to your foot’s shape over time.

Final Thoughts  

  • Comfort is unbelievable over time the shoe improves…  
  • Plenty of colourways and collab special editions to choose from. 
  • Expensive but the premium materials justify the price point. 
  • Various panels with different materials make it tricky to clean.

New Balance 2002r FAQs

What year did the new balance 2002r come out?

The New Balance 2002r came back on the scene in 2020 after a 10-year absence. In 2020 the 2002R “Marblehead” style code ML2002RC was released. 

Is New Balance 2002R a running shoe?

No, the New Balance 2002r is a men’s lifestyle sneaker that borrows design, performance, and support elements from the NB 1906. 

Is New Balance 2002R waterproof?

No, most New Balance sneakers are not waterproof as they are made with mesh, layered fabric textiles, and other distressed materials. The New Balance 2002R Gore-Tex is waterproof, style code M2002RXB.

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Comfy New Balance Shoes That Add Extra Height

In this article, we’ll compare New Balance shoes by how much extra height they add and comparing the midsole and insole measurements.

A precise measurement tool (digital calliper) was used.

Wearing sneakers that make you taller has a few benefits:

During my five years of reselling and now reviewing sneakers. I figured out that sneakers that make you taller were becoming more popular, and the designs were even lighter.

New Balance sneakers are comfortable and add extra height.

Check out how other branded shoes add height: 11 Comfy Shoes That Make You Taller & (3 That Don’t) 

The data below is accurate; all trainers were measured using a precise measuring tool (Digital Caliper), accurate to 3 decimal places.

Discover our amazing selection of 27 useful sneakerhead gifts that will give your New Balance shoes a fresh look, secure storage, and lasting protection.

Best Overall

New Balance 550


An in-depth article on which is the Best Size To Buy For The New Balance 550

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.402
Insole Measurement: Inches0.629
Height Added2.03 inches

Best For Women

New Balance 327

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.320
Insole Measurement: Inches0.228
Height Added1.55 inches

New Balance 530


Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.664
Insole Measurement: Inches0.227
Height Added1.89 inches

Best For Men

New Balance 9060


Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.570
Insole Measurement: Inches0.209
Height Added1.78 inches

New Balance 2002 Trainers 

new-balance-extra-height-2002rIn-depth guide if the New Balance 2002r – Are Comfy & True To Size?

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.511
Insole Measurement: Inches0.244
Height Added1.76 inches

New Balance MS237

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.185
Insole Measurement: Inches0.235
Height Added1.42 inches

Best For Comfort

New Balance 574

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.141
Insole Measurement: Inches0.197
Height Added1.34 inches

New Balance 1500


Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.267
Insole Measurement: Inches0.355
Height Added1.62 inches

How Can I Wear Shoes To Look Taller?

Inserting height-increasing insoles, also known as heel-up insoles, is the best way to look taller secretly without buying new shoes. They are a great addition to your trainers, and you simply slip them in. 

Using height increasing is normal and nothing to be ashamed about. According to the Wearing Raised Heel Insoles research, “men purchase height-increasing insoles 70% more than women at 30%. Men in their 20s accounted for 30% of the total sale, and the most popular height insoles are 3 and 5cm.” 

How Much Taller Do New Balance Shoes Make You? 

New Balance 574 insole 0.197 inches

New Balance shoes measured make you taller by an average of 1.67 inches. The New Balance 574 adds the least height at 1.34 inches. 

New Balance 1500 insole 0.355 inches

New Balance 1500 shoes add 1.62 inches in height, which is close to the average. If you are looking for shoes that add a reasonable height and don’t feel too bulky and comfortable. NB 1500 is a great choice.  

How Much Height Do New Balance 2002r Add?

New Balance 2002r insole 0.244 inches 

The heel midsole and the insole make the New Balance 2002r add 1.76 inches in height. 

How much height does the New Balance 2002r add if you are short or tall? Check out the following table for the height added.

Height New Balance 2002r height added (inches)Added Height (Taller)
5ft 0”1.765ft 1.8”
5ft 2”1.765ft 3.8”
5ft 4”1.765 ft 5.8”
5ft 6”1.765ft 7.8”
5ft 8”1.765ft 9.8”
5ft 10”1.765ft 11.8”
6ft 0”1.766 ft 1.8”

Add your shoe midsole measurement and height at home: Omni Calculator

New Balance Shoes That Add Extra Height For Women? 

These unisex New Balance sneakers that give you the most height for that extra bit of confidence are New Balance 550, 530, 9060, 2002r, and New Balance 1500.

New Balance 530
New Balance 9060

The New Balance women’s shoes above all add more than 1.60 inches in extra height.  


Does The New Balance 550 Give Height? 

Yes, the NB 550 shoes give you 2.03 inches of height, which is the most for all the shoes measured. So if you are 5ft 5”, you’ll instantly be 5ft 7”.

How Much Height Do New Balance Shoes Give?

Measured by midsole heel and insole thickness, New Balance shoes give you between 1.34 -2.03 inches of extra height.

Will I Get Any More Height From NB 990 Compared To 574?

The New Balance 990 will give you approx 1.70 inches in height. The 574 gives you 1.34 inches in height. The 990 adds 0.36 inches (9.1mm) more height than the 574.

Do New Balance Sneakers Increase Height?

Yes, the midsole, sole tread, and insole depth size will increase your height and add comfort, traction, and support. Depending on how tall you are, the height increase will vary for everyone. Insoles lose their comfort and become squashed over time, which could decrease height.

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