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You are here for one reason. Why is Nike the best brand? There are 9 unthinkable reasons. 

We all love Nike for different reasons; what’s yours? Mine is that their products make me feel like I can go that extra mile. The price of some of their sneakers makes me shiver sometimes, but once they are locked on my feet, I feel like a pro athlete. 

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The reasons why Nike is the best brand are because they inspire customers, innovate unique products that solve problems and they are inclusive there’s something for everyone, not just athletes. Discover the rare reason why Nike Vapormax Bubble won’t pop.

Most importantly their pricing and selection are varied whether you want sneakers for standing all day, on a budget, or a vegan sustainable alternative.  

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1. Inspire 


What sport do you like? Perhaps you don’t play sports and occasionally go to the gym or for a walk. If you have a body you’re an athlete. It’s not about having the latest or best sportswear, just get out there and chase greatness. 

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In Nike’s own words JUST DO IT! 

From first imagining an idea, dreaming about it, designing and even sometimes failing, designers at Nike have one goal; inspire you to find your greatness. Nike inspires through sportswear products that enhance athletic performance, reduce injury and maximise comfort while reducing waste.

The best way to explain is with the 2012 “Find Your Greatness” campaign, if you’ve been thinking about starting a new activity great watch. 

Watch the video here

Key points from the video: 

  • Greatness – we’re all capable of it. 
  • Greatness is something you try. 
  • Greatness is a scary thing until it isn’t.
  • Greatness doesn’t need an audience.
  • Greatness is not born it’s made.

2. Learn from failures

You may or may not be familiar with basketball, maybe it’s just not your thing but that isn’t relevant to what I’m about to show you. 

Nike tweeted a marketing campaign video for retiring basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, commonly known as Coach K in the basketball work. Titled “You can’t spell coach without K” 

But the tweets were a little confusing, all the words that were used didn’t have the letter K. 

Words used: 

  • Honor 
  • Respect 
  • Brotherhood
  • Gold 
  • Cameron 
  • Crazies 
  • Durham 
  • Family 

Sometimes big brands get it wrong too, the effort was appreciated but it just didn’t make sense, the word BASKETBALL literally has K and it was screaming to be used. 

Publicly they never responded to the online jokes so we don’t actually know whether they learned anything. It’s safe to assume they won’t be doing that again, well I hope they don’t for their sake social media is unforgiving. 

3. Culture of Innovation


What does innovation mean? A new method, idea, or product to improve something that already exists. 

Nike Forward is a forward-thinking sustainable apparel innovation that took 5 years to design. 

Nike Forward is ultra-thin lightweight layers of material bonded together using a needle-punching process to form performance apparel. Each layer of material provides performance benefits like warmth, softness, or breathability. Post-industrial and consumer waste including recycled bottles are used turning them into fibres. It is not knitted or woven. 

Nike Forward Benefits 

  • Minimises carbon impact 
  • Maximises efficiency and speed in the manufacturing process
  • No water and dyes are used 
  • 70% recycled content by weight 
  • Can be brought back into production so there’s no waste 
  • Cuts carbon by 75% compared to traditional material
  • Overtime takes shape to the body and retains shape 

4. Inclusive


“If you have a body you’re an athlete” (Aaron Heiser, VP Global Apparel Product Merchandising at Nike)

In an effort to solve performance limitations and availability of a traditional hijab in sports and be more inclusive of all athletes. Based on the feedback Nike received, a traditional hijab didn’t work well with some sports uniforms.

Benefits of the Nike Pro Hijab 

  • The pull-on design is constructed from durable single-layer Nike Pro cool mesh – breathable fabric. 
  • Inspires girls worldwide to follow their passion for sports.
  • Suitable hijab for sports that allows athletes not have to explain and defend themselves to officials.
  • Lightweight fabric 
  • Feels soft on the skin 
Athletes Nike worked with, to put the Nike Pro Hijab to the test in each sport:
  • Weightlifter, Amna Al Haddad – United Arab Emirates
  • Figure Skater, Zahra Lari –  United Arab Emirates
  • Fencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad – New Jersey-native
  • Runner, Manal Rostom – Nike Run Club Coach in Dubai
  • Boxer, Zeina Nassar – Germany 
  • Everyday athletes from around the Middle East

What athletes say about the Nike Pro Hijab  

Ibtihaj Muhammad

“It really sunk in how much my previous hijab was hindering my performance when I tried the Nike Pro Hijab.” 

“The Nike Pro Hijab will help advance the conversation around hijabs and Muslim women in sports and further make sports an inclusive space.” 

Manal Rostom

“It inspires me to reach greater heights and to run farther distances,” Manal completed the New York Marathon wearing the Nike Pro Hijab.”

5. All about kids


In an effort to build more playful sessions into sports for kids. Helping kids learn new skills and love sports. Nike partnered with Leeds Beckett University and ICOACHKIDS to co-create the Coaching Kids: Power of Play Nike Training Club app programme. 

For the Coaches

The program was developed for coaches, PE teachers, parents or caregivers to encourage playful way to coach. Helps coaches remove barriers for all kids to benefit from play and sport.


  • 3-week programme 
  • At home, in a gym or open space play
  • All levels of fitness
  • 15 – 30 minute exercises 
  • Bodyweight only training 


  • Let’s Play Ball – Helps kids develop their ability to keep bodies in stable positions during dynamic and static activities. 
  • Getting Up To Speed – Develops movement efficiency through coordination and speed – key elements of sports. 
  • Going The Extra Mile – Develops kids ability to last longer at their best – increasing tolerance to fatigue through play. 

They can be found on Nike’s Made to Play website.

6. Set the bar high


Nike has set the bar high by adding adaptive training programs to the Nike Training Club app. “Workouts designed in partnership with adaptive training experts to provide lower-body modifications for anyone — disabled or not.” (Nike). Providing training more inclusive for everybody.

Nike (M)ove Like a Mother 

The training program covers strength training, cardio, mobility and yoga through every stage of pregnancy. 


  • Advisory board approved by antenatal and postnatal specialists.
  • Equipment: Dumbbells, stability ball and block
  • 5 – 20 minute workouts 
  • A mix of workouts designed to build strength, confidence and mind-body connection. 
  • Created for all fitness and energy levels

7. No idea is too small or too big


Launched in Nike Town, B.I.L.L. (Bot-Initiated Longevity Lab) is a robotic system designed to clean and repair customised sneakers to extend the life span of shoes. 

By repairing sneakers at scale, services like BILL will help Nike reach net zero by 2050 target.  Nike Refurbished – in-store offering that restores used Nike footwear. Nike Recycling and Donation – allows athletes to pass on and recycle the products no longer used. 

8. Big impact

  1. 78% – Renewable energy in owned or operated facilities in 2021, 48% increase from 2020.” (Nike)
  2. 100% – Footwear manufacturing waste diverted from landfill or incineration without energy recovery.” (Nike)
  3. “More than 300 organisations supporting the Made to Play commitment and Inclusive Community investments.” (Nike)

9. Take on the toughest challenges

Watershed-restoration projects reduce pesticide runoff, improved soil health, and improve community access to water. 91% of the freshwater Nike uses is connected to materials sourcing and manufacturing.

“Nike water restoration project in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy. In India, 30 hectares of farmland were converted to drip irrigation in the state of Maharashtra, benefiting 75 farmers.” (Nike, 2021)

Textile dyeing and finishing

  • Reduce the water used to dye and finish textiles.
  • Dyeing and finishing textile uses 22% freshwater, aims to reduce this by 2025.
  • Collaborating with suppliers to reduce freshwater use.

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