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Adidas shoes that make you taller are a great way to walk with confidence and come across as trustworthy – Discover The Best Adidas Sneakers For Casual Walks. 

According to research, the more you move your hands and body while speaking in front of people, the taller you look.

How tall you are is all down to genetics sorry to bust your bubble pal but that’s the truth, here to help.

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The data below is accurate all trainers were measured using a precise measuring tool (Digital Caliper), accurate to 3 decimal places. 

Best Overall

Adidas ZX 22 Boost


Heel Midsole: Inches1.692
Insole Thickness: Inches0.167
Height Added1.53 inches

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Best For Walking

Adidas Response Cl Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.556
Insole Thickness: Inches0.362
Height Added1.92 inches

Adidas Supernova Cushion 7 Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.665
Insole Thickness: Inches0.225
Height Added1.89 inches

Best For Women

Adidas Astir Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.585
Insole Thickness: Inches0.267
Height Added1.85 inches

Adidas Nizza Platform Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.654
Insole Thickness: Inches0.186
Height Added1.84 inches

Adidas Forum Bold Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.619
Insole Thickness: Inches0.183
Height Added1.80 inches 

Best For Comfort

Adidas Retropy E5


Heel Midsole: Inches


Insole Thickness: Inches


Height Added

1.38 inches

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ZX 5K Boost Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.592
Insole Thickness: Inches0.155
Height Added1.75 inches

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Adidas Ozweego Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.594
Insole Thickness: Inches0.149
Height Added1.74 inches

Adidas Oznova Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches2.132
Insole Thickness: Inches0.229
Height Added2.36 inches

Adidas Ozrah Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.900
Insole Thickness: Inches0.158
Height Added2.06 inches

How Do The Adidas Ozrah Trainers Fit On Feet?

Best For Workouts

Adidas Ultraboost Ultra 4D Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.129
Insole Thickness: Inches0.291
Height Added1.42 inches 

Adidas Ultraboost 22 Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.813
Insole Thickness: Inches0.287
Height Added2.10 inches 

Best For Styling

Adidas Campus Next Gen Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.298
Insole Thickness: Inches0.162
Height Added1.14 inches

Adidas Roverend Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches2.497 
Insole Thickness: Inches0.370
Height Added2.87 inches

Adidas Forum 84 Hi Trainers


Heel Midsole: Inches1.396
Insole Thickness: Inches0.150
Height Added1.55 inches

Adidas Adilette 22 Sliders


Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches Height Added
0.969Approx 1 inch

How much taller do Adidas sneakers make you? 


The 17 Adidas sneakers measured make you taller by an average of 1.78 inches. The Adidas Campus Next Gen adds the least amount of height at 1.14 inches. 


Adidas Ozweego trainers add 1.74 inches in height, which is close to the average. The advantage they have is they don’t look too bulky and are made with a lightweight upper.

Adidas Superstars Height Added


Do Adidas superstars make you taller? Yes, Adidas superstars make you taller by approximately 1.5 inches. The midsole heel measures 1.21 inches (3.08 cm) and the insole 0.19 inches (approx half a centimeter). 

How much height do Adidas superstars add if you are short or tall? Check out the following table for the height added by Adidas superstars. 

Height Adidas Superstar Midsole + Insole Measurements (inches)Increased Height (Taller)
5ft 0”1.214 + 0.190 in5ft 1.4”
5ft 2”1.214 + 0.190 in5ft 3.4”
5ft 4”1.214 + 0.190 in5ft 5.4”
5ft 6”1.214 + 0.190 in5ft 7.4”
5ft 8”1.214 + 0.190 in5ft 9.4”
5ft 10”1.214 + 0.190 in5ft 11.4”
6ft 0”1.214 + 0.190 in6ft 1.4”
6ft 2”1.214 + 0.190 in6ft 3.4”
6ft 4”1.214 + 0.190 in6ft 5.4”
6ft 6”1.214 + 0.190 in6ft 7.4”
6ft 8”1.214 + 0.190 in6ft 9.4”

 Add your shoe midsole measurement and height at home: Omni Calculator

How much height do Adidas superstars add? As you can see no matter how tall you are Adidas superstars will make you taller by 1.5 inches in height. 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) can take you from 5ft 6” to 5ft 7” easily giving you that extra bit of confidence you were looking for. 

Adidas Superstars nicknamed the “shell toes” were first developed as basketball sneakers in the early 1970s. The streets of New York quickly adopted the sneaker as a must-have staple piece for hip-hop artists like RUN DMC and skateboarders. Still as popular today as it was when it was first released and has been reimagined numerous times. 

Check out the links below at the following retailers for the latest colourways available. 

Ultraboost Height Added


How much do Ultraboosts add to height? Adidas Ultraboost 22 worn with normal socks make you taller by approximately 2 inches. The heel midsole measures 1.813 inches and the insoles measure 0.287 making you look taller than you are.

Precisely Ultraboost will add 2.10 inches of height without inserting any insoles into the shoes. 

The table below breaks down the midsole and insole height and shows how much taller you will be for a range of different heights. 

HeightUltraboost 22 Midsole + Insole: Measurements Height Added
5ft 0”1.813 + 0.287 in5ft 2.1”
5ft 2”1.813 + 0.287 in5 ft 4.1”
5ft 4”1.813 + 0.287 in5 ft 6.1”
5ft 6”1.813 + 0.287 in5 ft 8.1”
5ft 8”1.813 + 0.287 in5 ft 10.1”
5ft 10”1.813 + 0.287 in6 ft 0.1”
6ft 0”1.813 + 0.287 in6 ft 2.1”
6ft 2”1.813 + 0.287 in6 ft 4.1”
6ft 4”1.813 + 0.287 in6 ft 6.1”
6ft 6”1.813 + 0.287 in6 ft 8.1”
6ft 8”1.813 + 0.287 in6 ft 10.1”

Which Adidas shoes give the most height? Roverend Trainers make you taller by 2.87 inches close to 3 inches which is the most for all the sneakers measured. So if you are 5ft 6” for example, you’ll instantly be 5ft 8”. Crazy right? 

How can I wear sneakers to look taller?

Inserting height-increasing shoe also known as heel-up insoles is the best way to look taller. If you don’t know what sneakers to buy and want to feel more confident, they are a great addition to the trainers you already have. 

Using height increasing is normal and nothing to be ashamed about. According to the Wearing Raised Heel Insoles research, “men purchase height increasing insoles 70% more than women at 30%. Men in their 20s accounted for 30% of the total sale and the most popular height insoles are 3 and 5cm.” 

Image Source: Amazon

If you want to feel more confident about your height and look taller height increasing insoles have been linked below. 


Do sneakers increase height?

Yes, the midsole, sole, and insole depth size will increase your height as well adding comfort. Depending on how tall you are the height increase will vary from person to person. Insoles lose their comfort and become squashed over time which could decrease height.

Sneakers that make you taller women?

Most modern sneakers are unisex but for women depending on the type of activity, you’ll be doing the Adidas shoes that give you the most height the Roverend, Oznova, Astir, Ozweego, and ZX 22 Boost trainers.

What adidas shoes make you taller?

Measured by midsole heel and insole height the Adidas trainers make you taller by 1.5 inches (3.81cm) or more. Adidas Roverend, Oznova, Ultraboost 22, Ozrah, Response Cl, Supernova Cushion 7, Astir, Forum Bold, 5K Boost 5K89, Ozweego, Forum 84 Hi, and ZX 22 Boost trainers.

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