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Your Nike bubble popped; you’ve noticed it and wondered what now? My Nike Air bubble also burst and looks like a flat tire. I felt stuck and embarrassed when the bubble popped for my Nike Air Max 270.

In this article, you will find the best 5 options you have to start feeling that cushioned air max comfort again.

My experience and knowledge of reselling shoes, this shouldn’t happen unless the shoes have a manufacturing flaw.

Depending on the way that the bubble popped the answer to your problem is covered in this article. 

Nike fans know how annoying it is when the air bubble pops.

You can fix it, replace it, or get a refund. But if you want to make money from your sneakers, you should buy them in bulk and resell them. Here’s how to do it.

Have you ever experienced the horror of popping your Nike Air Max bubble? You’ll want to avoid this nightmare at all costs. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 27 Fantastic Sneakerhead Gifts that will give your Nike Air Max a fresh look, secure storage, and lasting protection.

Upgrade to New Air Max


Once the Nike bubble is popped, the comfort will not be the same, and they can cause you foot problems. The benefits of getting a new pair of Nike Air shoes outweigh trying to repair them, it’s not worth the hassle. 

You can’t blow them back up, looks like a flat tire and you feel it when you walk air bubble has zero cushioning.

Upgrade your style with a new pair of Air Max that won’t pop easily. Check out our on-feet review of the latest Nike Air Max TW.

Fix Popped Nike Bubble 

Source: Peter Wing Youtube

Time needed: 1 hour

The easiest way to fix the popped Nike Air bubble is to fill it with clear silicon. Essentially, you’re replacing the air with a solid gel that provides a little comfort.

  1. Wipe the Nike Air bubble sole

    Clean the sole with a damp cloth.
    Remove any dirt or debris from the sole.
    Rub the sole gently with a wet wipe.

  2. Check for the air puncture

    Look for the hole where the air escaped.
    Find the damaged spot on the sole.
    Inspect the sole for any signs of leakage.

  3. Make another hole

    Poke a small hole on the opposite side of the sole.
    Use a needle to create another opening on the sole.
    Make a tiny puncture on the other end of the sole.

  4. Fill with clear silicon until it starts to gush out

    Squeeze clear silicon into the holes until it overflows.
    Inject clear silicon into the openings until it spills out.
    Fill the holes with clear silicon until it oozes out.

  5. Leave to set

    Let the silicon dry and harden.
    Wait for the silicon to cure and solidify.
    Allow the silicon to set and seal.

Unless someone plans to check out your shoes they won’t be able to tell the difference. 

WARNING: If you do this you are voiding your warranty from getting a return, exchange or refund from Nike.

But honestly, you have nothing to lose better to try and fix them than putting them in the bin. 

Essential Repair Items

Talk To Nike By Filing a Claim


We all know that feeling when the Nike Air bubble pops, leaving your shoes looking like a flat tire.

The worst thing about all of this is you lose all the cushioning, couldn’t think of anything worse. 

How long have you had your Nike Airs until the bubble popped? It doesn’t matter, to be honest; this can happen 2 weeks, 6, or 18 months after getting them. 

If the Nike Air bubble pops and not your own fault within 2 years of the manufacturing date of the shoe. The date can be found on the tongue. Nike will give you a voucher, exchange or refund. 

Nike claim WILL NOT be accepted if: 

Nike Refund: If your Nike Air bubble is popped (flawed), and it’s within 60 days of your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. Return information can be found here. 

What you’ll need if bought from Nike

  • Dated receipt – Must include the valid date, name of store, name or style number of product and purchase price.
  • Original warranty card.
  • Shoe box is not essential

What you’ll need if bought from a retailer

  • Proof of purchase and return to store.
  • The original box the shoes came in.
  • If they can’t help you and refer you back to Nike, file a claim.

Carry On Wearing The Shoes

When a Nike Air bubble pops it usually means the end of your shoe’s life. It can pop because of a sharp object, pressurised air in the bladder loss of pressure, excessive wear and other reasons. 

Depending on how much it deflates like a flat tire, you might be able to get away with still wearing the shoes. But in most cases, once the air bubble is pooped that’s it.

Just wear them! 

Losing pressure means you lose comfort. It would be a shame to throw away perfectly still decent shoes you spend your hard-earned money on. 

The Nike Air will not feel comfy like it did before but depending on what you’ll be wearing them for should be good. Might feel weird and embarrassing to start but you’ll get used to it. 

Maybe you can’t fix the popped Nike bubble because of time, cost, or the hassle it involves. Be prepared rocks, sand and other weird stuff will get into the air bubble, it’s annoying.  

Repair The Sole 

A sole replacement of the sneaker is needed but this has to be done by a professional cobbler (shoe repair expert). You’ll need to find a replacement sole yourself.

Get to keep your original shoesFind a matching sole replacement
Save the environmentExpensive 
Shoes last longerTime-consuming 

Speak to Your Local Nike Store

Try going to a Nike store and talking to them nicely, sure you don’t want shoes with zero cushioning looking like a flat tire.

  • Be nice and polite 
  • Bring your receipt
  • Explain what happened 

It’s really up to Nike whether they help you out or not, their aim is to offer the best customer experience. Might even have some advice for what you can do if they can’t help you in-store. 

Why Nike Air bubble Popped 

  1. Sharp objects 
  2. Manufacturing flaw they lose pressure 
  3. Overuse 
  4. Using the shoes in the wrong way 
  5. Normal wear and tear 
  6. Weather 
  7. How long you’ve had them for

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