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In this article, we’ll compare Reebok shoes by how much height they add and compare the midsole and insole measurements. To make sure all the measurements are accurate a digital caliper (precise measuring tool) was used. 

Wearing sneakers that make you taller has a few benefits:

  • Boosts your confidence.
  • Good heel support.
  • Look good, and stylish. 

During my 5 years when reselling and now reviewing sneakers. I figured out that sneakers that make you taller were becoming more popular and the designs were becoming even lighter. You don’t have to feel like you have bricks on your feet they have more comfort and support than ever before.

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Reebok Shoes Which Add The Most Height 

The data below is accurate all trainers were measured using a precise measuring tool (Digital Caliper), accurate to 3 decimal places. 

Zig Kinetica 2.5 


Heel Midsole Measurement: InchesInsole Measurement: InchesHeight Added
1.3230.1272.45 inches 

Reebok BB 4000 II 


Heel Midsole Measurement: InchesInsole Measurement: InchesHeight Added
1.2790.2491.528 inches

Reebok Club C 85


Heel Midsole Measurement: InchesInsole Measurement: InchesHeight Added
1.2640.2171.481 inches

Classic Leather Legacy AZ


Heel Midsole Measurement: InchesInsole Measurement: InchesHeight Added
1.2520.2081.460 inches

Reebok Instapump Fury 95


Heel Midsole Measurement: InchesInsole Measurement: InchesHeight Added
1.2670.1901.457 inches

Reebok Classic Leather Shoes


Heel Midsole Measurement: InchesInsole Measurement: InchesHeight Added
1.1560.2251.381 inches

Reebok Exofit Lo


Heel Midsole Measurement: InchesInsole Measurement: InchesHeight Added
0.8030.2301.033 inches 

How Can I Wear Sneakers To Look Taller?

Inserting height-increasing insoles also known as heel-up insoles is the best way to look taller secretly without buying new shoes. A great addition to the trainers you already have and you simply slip them in. 

Using height increasing is normal and nothing to be ashamed about. According to the Wearing Raised Heel Insoles research, “men purchase height increasing insoles 70% more than women at 30%. Men in their 20s accounted for 30% of the total sale and the most popular height insoles are 3 and 5cm.” 

How Much Taller Do Reebok Sneakers Make You? 


From the Reebok shoes measured they make you taller by an average of 1.54 inches. The Reebok Exofit Lo adds the least amount of height at 1.03 inches. 


Reebok BB 4000 II trainers add 1.528 inches in height, which is close to the average. If you are looking for shoes that add a reasonable amount of height, and dont feel too bulky and lightweight this is a good choice. 

Do Reebok Sneakers Increase Height?


Yes, the midsole, sole tread, and insole depth size will increase your height as well adding comfort, traction, and support. Depending on how tall you are the height increase will vary for everyone. Insoles lose their comfort and become squashed over time which could decrease height. 

Reebok Club C 85 Height Added 


Does Reebok Club C 85 add height?

Yes, the Reebok Club C 85 adds an extra 1.5 inches of height. With the midsole adding more than half of the extra height at 1.264 inches. 

How much height does the Reebok Club C 85 add if you are short or tall? Check out the following table for the height added by the Reebok Club C 85.

Height Reebok Club C 85 Midsole + Insole MeasurementIncreased Height (Taller)
5ft 0”1.264 + 0.217 inches5ft 1.5”
5ft 2”1.264 + 0.217 inches5ft 3.5”
5ft 4”1.264 + 0.217 inches5 ft 5.5”
5ft 6”1.264 + 0.217 inches5ft 7.5”
5ft 8”1.264 + 0.217 inches5ft 9.5”
5ft 10”1.264 + 0.217 inches5ft 11.5”
6ft 0”1.264 + 0.217 inches6 ft 1.5”

Add your shoe midsole measurement and height at home: Omni Calculator

Sneakers That Make Women Taller? 

Most modern shoes are unisex but for women depending on the type of activity, you’ll be doing. Reebok shoes that add the most height are Reebok Club C 85, Zig Kinetica 2.5, Reebok Classic Leather, Reebok Exofit Lo, Reebok BB 4000 II, Reebok Instapump Fury 95, and Classic Leather Legacy AZ. 


Which Reebok shoes give the most height? Zig Kinetica 2.5 Trainers make you taller by 2.45 inches which is the most for all the shoes measured. So if you are 5ft 6” for example, you’ll instantly be 5ft 8.5”. Extra 2 inches crazy right? 


How Much Height Do Reebok Shoes Add?

Measured by midsole heel and insole thickness Reebok shoes make you taller by between 1.03 and 2.45 inches. 

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