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Last updated 14/03/2023

Nike shoes that make you taller are a great way to boost your confidence, come across as trustworthy, and show off your skills to your new people that don’t know you. 

According to research, the more you move your hands and body while speaking in front of people, the more you look taller.

How taller you are is all down to genetics sorry to bust your bubble, pal, but that’s the truth; here to help. A List of the best Nike shoes to look taller has been included, with how much height they all add.

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Which Nike sneakers add the most height?  

Best Overall – Nike Air Force 1 07 


The Nike Air Force 1 07 is a low-profile sneaker that packs a punch. The thick ankle lining offers good support for those midday errands. Adds the most height out of all the Nike sneakers guaranteed to boost your confidence.

Con: It takes some time to break into, and it isn’t the best sneaker to work out in.

Height Measurements

Heel Midsole: Inches 1.513
Insole Thickness: Inches 0.479
Height Added2 inches

Best For Durability – Air Max 97


The Nike Air Max 97 slips under the radar for sneakers that make you taller. Wave-like upper hugs the foot throughout the day. Discover the Best 4 Comfy Nike Air Max Sneakers That Add Height.

Con: Beware the narrow fit takes some time to break into.

Height Measurements

Heel Midsole: Inches1.557
Insole Thickness: Inches0.243
Height Added1.80

Best For Workouts – Nike React Vision 


Durability and versatility are what make the Nike React Vision unique. For workouts, casual walks, or high-intensity training, these sneakers have you covered. Unlikely contender for sneakers that make you tall, but the react midsole offers unbelievable comfort you won’t want to take them off.

Con: Textile upper isn’t waterproof when it’s raining; your feet may get wet.

Height Measurements

Heel Midsole: Inches1.609
Insole Thickness: Inches0.189
Height Added1.80 inches

Best For Comfort – Air Max 270  


The Nike Air Max 270 is versatile enough to be used as a training or casual sneaker. Textile upper provides enough breathability to cool down feet. Chunky nitrogen gas Air Max bubble adds all the height necessary.

Con: Not a good shoe for the winter textile upper isn’t waterproof.

Height Measurements

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.422
Insole Measurement: Inches0.169
Height Added1.60 inches

Best For Versatility – Air Max 90


The Nike Max Air 90 is a staple sneaker in your rotation. Its durable and lightweight construction makes it ideal for everyday use. The blend of materials leather and mesh on the upper makes it an easy sneaker to clean.

Con: Expensive in comparison to other sneakers.

Height Measurement

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.237
Insole Measurement: Inches0.212
Height Added1.45 inches

Best For Styling – Nike Dunk High


Are you looking for the best Nike sneakers that add height and fit true to size? The Nike Dunks High Top is true to size and constructed of premium material, ideal for those daily errands. Construction is lightweight, durable and stylish.

Con: Limited edition colourways often sell out.

Height Measurements

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.142
Insole Measurement: Inches0.286
Height Added1.43 inches

How can I wear sneakers to look taller?

Inserting height-increasing insoles, also known as heel-up insoles. If you don’t know what sneakers to buy and want to feel more confident, they are a great addition to the footwear you already have to look taller. 

Using height-increasing shoe insoles is normal and nothing to be ashamed about. According to the Wearing Raised Heel Insoles research, “men purchase height-increasing insoles 70% more than women at 30%. Men in their 20s accounted for 30% of the total sale, and the most popular height insoles are 3 and 5cm.”


How much taller do Nike sneakers make you?


On average, the Nike sneakers measured make you taller by 1.7 inches. With Nike High Dunks adding the least amount of height at 1.428 inches. It might be something to consider when picking this pair over Nike React Vision which adds 1.798 inches. 

Do sneakers increase height?

Yes, the midsole, sole, and insole depth size will increase your height as well adding comfort. Depending on how tall you are the height increase will vary from person to person. 

Nike Air Force One Height Increase

Do Nike Air Force Ones make you taller? Yes, Nike Air Force makes you taller by approximately 2 inches the midsole measures at 1.513 inches and the insole 0.479 inches. 

So how much height do Nike Air Force 1 ’07 add if you are between 5ft and 6ft? Check out the following table for the different height Nike Air Force add.

Height Air Force Midsole + Insole New Height 
5ft 0”1.513 + 0.479 in5 ft 1.992 = 5ft 2”
5ft 2”1.513 + 0.479 in5 ft 3.992 = 5ft 4”
5ft 4”1.513 + 0.479 in5 ft 5.992 = 5ft 6”
5ft 6”1.513 + 0.479 in5 ft 7.992 = 5ft 8”
5ft 8”1.513 + 0.479 in5 ft 9.992 = 5ft 10”
5ft 10”1.513 + 0.479 in5 ft 11.992 = 5ft 12”
6ft 0”1.513 + 0.479 in6 ft 1.992 = 6ft 2”
6ft 2”1.513 + 0.479 in6 ft 3.992 = 6ft 4”
6ft 4”1.513 + 0.479 in6 ft 5.992 = 6ft 6”
6ft 6”1.513 + 0.479 in6 ft 7.992 = 6ft 8”
6ft 8”1.513 + 0.479 in6 ft 9.992 = 6ft 10”

Add your shoe midsole measurement and height at home: Omni Calculator

How much taller do air force ones make you? As you can see, no matter how tall you are, Nike Air Force Ones will give you an extra 1.992 inches in height. Approx. 2 inches can take you from 5ft 6” to 5ft 8”, easily giving you that extra bit of confidence you were looking for. 

Nike Air Force Ones are the most popular sneaker since they debuted in 1982, with over 1700 colour combinations released in limited, unique, and premium editions. Check out this article on how the Nike Air Force One Fits?

They are always available; for that added height you are looking for, check out the links below at the following retailers for the latest colourways. 

Nike Dunk Height Increase


How much taller do dunks make you? Nike High Dunks worn with normal socks make you taller by 1.5 inches. The heel midsole measures 1.142 inches, and the insoles measure 0.286 making you look taller than you are. 

How much height do dunks give? Precisely dunks give you 1.428 inches of height without adding any insoles. 

The table below breaks down the midsole and insole height and shows how much taller you will be for a range of different heights. 

HeightNike Dunk Midsole + Sole New Height 
5ft 0”1.142 + 0.286 in5 ft 1.428 = 5ft 1.5”
5ft 2”1.142 + 0.286 in5 ft 3.428 = 5ft 3.5”
5ft 4”1.142 + 0.286 in5 ft 5.428 = 5ft 4.5”
5ft 6”1.142 + 0.286 in5 ft 7.428 = 5ft 7.5”
5ft 8”1.142 + 0.286 in5 ft 9.428 = 5ft 9.5”
5ft 10”1.142 + 0.286 in5 ft 11.428 = 5ft 11.5”
6ft 0”1.142 + 0.286 in6 ft 1.428 = 6ft 1.5”
6ft 2”1.142 + 0.286 in6 ft 3.428 = 6ft 3.5”
6ft 4”1.142 + 0.286 in6 ft 5.428 = 6ft 5.5”
6ft 6”1.142 + 0.286 in6 ft 7.428 = 6ft 7.5”
6ft 8”1.142 + 0.286 in6 ft 9.428 = 6ft 9.5”


Sneakers that make women taller?

Most modern sneakers are unisex but for women depending on the type of activity you’ll be doing the Nike Air Force One adds the most height. 

Using a precise measuring tool (Digital Vernier Caliper), Nike Air Force Ones make you taller by 1.992 inches, approximately 2 inches which is the most for all the sneakers we measured. So if you are 5ft 10”, you would be 6ft by just wearing the sneakers.

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