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Shoes that make you taller are a great way to boost your confidence if you are short, appear trustworthy, and look more attractive when dating. 

Whether you want to boost your height or style, you need the right shoes and accessories. Discover 27 awesome sneakerhead gifts to help you store, protect, and organise your shoes.

Shoes that add height will give you more confidence while walking, exploring, exercising, or enjoying time outdoors. You can find some tips and tricks on buying sneakers online and saving money in this article.

According to research, the more you move your hands and body while speaking in front of people, the more you look taller.

Adidas Roverend Heel Midsole Height

How tall you are is all down to genetics. Sorry to burst your bubble, pal. But the shoes (trainers) listed will add 2 inches (5.08 cm) or more in height. To put it into perspective, it’s like standing on a tennis ball. 

Shoes That Make You Look Taller?

Converse Chuck 70 AT-CX Heel Midsole Height

It’s not just the midsole that makes you taller; insoles also add height. The shoes (trainers) that add 2 inches (5.08 cm) or more beside elevator shoes are:  

11 Best Shoes That Make You Taller: Ranked In Height Order 

The data below is accurate; all shoes were measured using a precise measuring tool (Digital Caliper), accurate to 3 decimal places.

Run Star Motion CX Platform

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches2.630
Insole Measurement: Inches0.451
Height Added3.08 inches (7.82 cm)

Adidas Roverend Shoes

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches2.497 
Insole Measurement: Inches0.370
Height Added2.87 inches (7.29 cm)

Run Star Hike

run-star-hike taller-article
Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.887
Insole Measurement: Inches0.558
Height Added2.45 inches (6.22 cm)

Zig Kinetica 2.5

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.323
Insole Measurement: Inches0.127
Height Added2.45 inches (6.22 cm)

Adidas Oznova 

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches2.132 
Insole Measurement: Inches0.229
Height Added2.36 inches (5.99 cm)

Converse Chuck 70 AT-CX

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.816
Insole Measurement: Inches0.383
Height Added2.20 inches (5.59 cm)

Adidas Ultraboost 22

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.813
Insole Measurement: Inches0.287
Height Added2.10 inches (5.33 cm)

Converse x DRKSHDW

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.524
Insole Measurement: Inches0.568
Height Added2.09 inches (5.31 cm)

Adidas Ozrah

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.900
Insole Measurement: Inches0.158
Height Added2.06 inches (5.23 cm)

New Balance 550

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.402
Insole Measurement: Inches0.629
Height Added2.03 inches (5.16 cm)

Nike Air Force 1 07

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.513
Insole Measurement: Inches0.479
Height Added2 inches (5.08 cm)

Do Elevator Shoes Look Normal? 

Yes, elevator shoes look like normal shoes. An Elevator shoe is any footwear raised at the heel for design, functionality, or performance. Elevator shoes are often slimmer than other lifestyle sneakers. When buying them online, ensure you purchase the right size or half a size up for wiggle room.   

Do Shoes Increase Your Height?

Adidas Ultraboost 22 Heel Height

Yes, in all the lifestyle sneakers measured from various brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, and Converse, there is an average height increase of 2.17 inches (5.51 cm). List Above. 

Run Star Motion CX Platform Heel Height

The highest shoe increase in height for our experiment was 3.08 inches (7.82 cm) for the Converse Run Star Motion CX Platform. 

Disadvantages Of Shoes That Make You Taller? 

  • The incline insole will hurt in the long run. Feet are made for flat surfaces. 
  • Not comfortable to wear every day. 
  • Ankles could start to hurt or feel uncomfortable. 
  • Need longer trousers (pants). 
  • Hard to work out and run with. 

How Much Do Shoes Raise Your Height?

Adidas Campus Next Gen Heel Height

Shoes raise your height with the insole, midsole, and sole depth. Depending on how much height raise you are looking for it ranges between 1.03 – 3.08 inches (2.62 – 7.82 cm) for most casualwear shoe brands. Over time, this will change as the sole wears and the insole is compressed, potentially decreasing your height. 

Shoe Brand Average Height Raise 
Converse 2.48 inches (6.30 cm)
Adidas1.78 inches (4.52 cm)
Nike1.68 inches (4.27 cm)
New Balance 1.67 inches (4.24 cm)
Reebok 1.54 inches (3.91 cm)

All shoes were measured using a precise measuring tool (Digital Caliper), accurate to 3 decimal places.

What Shoes Don’t Make You Taller?

New Balance 574 Heel Midsole Height

All shoes add height, but some add very little to make a real difference in your appearance for you or others to notice. Shoes that measure 1.30 inches (3.30 cm) or below don’t add much height, such as Reebok Exofit Lo, Converse One Star Pros, and Adidas Campus Next Gen. 

Converse One Star Pro Heel Height

The shoes listed below add less than 1.30 inches (3.30 cm) in height or less: 

Reebok Exofit Lo

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches0.803
Insole Measurement: Inches0.230
Height Added1.03 inches (2.62 cm)

Converse One Star Pro

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches0.664
Insole Measurement: Inches0.368
Height Added1.03 inches (2.62 cm)

Adidas Campus Next Gen Trainers

Heel Midsole Measurement: Inches1.298
Insole Measurement: Inches0.162
Height Added1.14 inches (2.90 cm)

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