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Nike shoes for wide feet are sometimes hard to shop for, as they’re not always clearly labeled. we’ve put a list together for you. 

Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, suggests that 68% of us wear incorrectly fitted shoes based on length, width, and depth. Are you part of this statistic?  

There is a strong link between incorrectly fitted shoes and some forms of foot pain or foot disorder. Go for comfort rather than styling.

Nike Shoes For Wide Feet

I did my own research to help you, by measuring Nike shoe width using a precision digital caliper to determine which ones are the best for wide feet. Discover the Top Nike shoes that add height!

All the Nike shoes measured are 3.60 inches or more in width in the toe box; roughly the size of your biggest finger.

What to look out for:

  • Flexible upper material
  • Wider insoles

Nike Downshifter 12

Toe Box Width (inches)Shoe Type
3.98” Running

Air Max 95

Toe Box Width (inches)Shoe Type

VaporMax 2021 Flyknit  

Toe Box Width (inches)Shoe Type
3.90” Casual/Lifestyle

Air 270

Toe Box Width (inches)Shoe Type

Nike Crater Impact

Toe Box Width (inches)Shoe Type

React Vision

Toe Box Width (inches)Shoe Type

Nike Waffle One

Toe Box Width (inches)Shoe Type

Nike Pegasus 83

Toe Box Width (inches)Shoe Type

Nike Air Force 1 

Toe Box Width (inches)Shoe Type

Find this in-depth article for How Does The Low Nike Air Force 1 Fit?

Get Your Feet Measured

Forefoot width is the measurement of the widest part of the front part of the foot in the toe box area of a shoe end to end. This is usually done using a precision measuring instrument such as a Brannock Device. Most footwear shops have this equipment you can request to have your feet measured. 

Finding shoes for wide feet can be hard. If you size down they will be too tight in the toe box area which will be uncomfortable and if you size up they might fit well at the front but what you’ll find is there is too much heel slippage. 

How Wide Feet Are Measured 

There is no standard width system used by manufacturers to letter the fit of narrow, medium, and wide shoes, the best way to get an accurate measurement is to measure your feet using the Brannock Device or try the shoes on.

How To Measure Shoe Width Yourself

What you need: A piece of paper or card larger than your foot, a pen or pencil, and a measuring device (ruler or tape measure).  

Shoe width is calculated over the ball of your feet. The circumference of the foot is measured at its widest point.

How To Make Sure Shoes Fit

1. Measure the width of both your feet.

Measuring both of your feet will allow you to determine if there is a difference for both feet. If there is a difference in foot width always take the highest measurement. 

2. Check the Nike foot width chart.

Nike chart below measures foot width for Nike shoes and estimate how wide your feet are. 

Men’s Nike Shoe Width Chart

Men’s Shoe UK SizeWide (Inches)
Source: Nike – How To Measure Foot Size

Women’s Nike Shoe Width Chart

Women’s Shoe UK SizeWide (Inches)
Source: Nike – How To Measure Foot Size

Sometimes you might see charts with width lettering this is not fully standarised each brand has its own system, don’t rely on this too much it’s confusing. 

3. Test different shoes to see which offers the most comfort.

Assuming that you bought the shoes online test try them out on a clean surface e.g. carpet to see how they feel. 

Nike Shoes For Wide Feet FAQs

Should I size up if I have wide feet?

No, not every shoe is going to fit you perfectly, or at least the way you want it to fit. We suggest finding the shoes that fit you right rather than sizing up or down. Sizing up may cause heel slippage. 

Do you go down a size in wide fit shoes?

No, if you have flat or wide feet use your own judgment based on how a shoe feels on your feet to see how they fit. Sizing down could make them feel painful. 

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