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Nike Dunk Sizing Influencer Guide

Nike Dunk Sizing should be approached by half sizing up or down (0.5) depending on the thickness of the socks. Nike Dunk Fits True To Size however, depending on the width of your foot there can be slight variations.

The most popular shoe in the trainer community is the Nike Low Dunk. 

Guidance on how the Dunks Nike fit, styling options, comfort, and how to clean dirty shoes at home. We have gathered the opinions of sneaker social media influencers and combined them together for looks that are trending.

Nike Dunk Sizing Styling, Cleaning, and Most Popular Guide By Influencers


Image source: niamhfth

Niamh (pronounced neev) is a sneaker enthusiast from Manchester, UK. With a large engaging social following for her unique posts on her sneakers and streetwear. She’s known for her right foot over the left leg and left hand in front of the steering wheel shots, very unique. 

How comfortable are Nike Low Dunks?

“The Dunks Nike fit true to size, at first due to the leather they can be a little tight to get into but as you wear them they become more comfortable. Nike Dunks High Top is the most comfortable Nike shoes I own.”

What outfits go with Dunks Nike?

“I style my Dunks Nike typically either with baggy trousers or with some shorts and crew socks. I think they’re very wearable, so go with just about everything.”

How do you clean Nike Air Dunk Low trainers?

“I keep mine clean by using good old soapy water with a nail scrubbing brush.

I use shoe spray before I go out in them, to avoid them getting too too too dirt.”

Reshoevn8r waterproof shoe spray is the best for protecting your trainers from rainwater, dirt, grass, and coffee stains. Lasts for 4-6 weeks, then reapply. 

Which Nike Dunks Womens are the most popular?

“My favorite colourway, that’s such a difficult question. Nike Low Dunks SP Brazil are just beautiful, they’re the first shoes I paid resell for and I definitely don’t regret it.”


Image source: missreina

Reina is a mom of two, from Hong Kong and a sneaker lover. She’s a cool UK3/3.5… bae size! Her collection has everything you could wish for from Nike Jordan 1 Travis Scott (super exclusive release), Nike Low Dunks, and Bapesta Low Nike Air Force 1. 

How comfortable are Nike Low Dunks?

“Nike Low Dunks fit true to size, Nike High Dunks fit a little big, and Dunk Low SB fit a little small. The GR Dunks that Nike has been pushing this year have been less comfortable than the others. Quality hasn’t been as good either, but pairs like the Lemon Drops have been amazing in quality and comfort.”

What outfits go with Dunks Nike?

“I LOVE them with baggy anything really, jeans, joggers, cargos. They can also be so cute with a white tennis skirt and crew socks.”

How do you clean Nike Air Dunk Low trainers?

“I like using wipes (haha) they’re soo easy for a quick clean.” 

DFNS Cleaning Wipes are amazing for quick cleaning, non-toxic, biodegradable, and sustainable. Also, fit into your pocket.

Which Nike Dunks Womens are most popular?

“Gotta be the street Dunk Low SB Street Hawker for me – it’s my culture and the food I grew up with.”

Franklin Boateng

Image source: kingoftrainers

Franklin is the biggest sneaker (trainers) blogger in the UK. He was one of the first sneakerheads to get over 100K followers on Instagram as @kingoftrainers (currently at 119K followers). 

How comfortable are Nike Low Dunks?

“For me, Dunks Nike fit great but to be honest the newer Dunks Low the toe box creases too quickly so I have to use Forceshields but yes they are comfortable to me. Dunk Low SB are comfortable as they are a wider fit.”

What outfits go with Dunks Nike?

“I like to go with a full outfit, have to wear something that matches me or tbh just a feature piece.”

How do you clean Nike Air Dunk Low trainers?

“I use Forceshield Fresh but one tip for all shoes is to keep each foot in a freezer bag and zip it. That will keep your trainers alive longer.”

Which Nike Dunks High Top are most popular?

“Red and white varsity the OG Nike Dunks High Top “Be True To Your School” ones I just grew up in that era.” 


Image source: missreina

Klaara is a sneaker enthusiast from Belgium, with a large social media presence her content includes various Nike Dunks, Air Force, and Jordan 1s. 

How comfortable are Nike Low Dunks? 

“They are a little wide, I always go a half size down but they are comfy. Nike Dunks High Top over the Nike Low Dunks when it comes down to comfort.” 

What outfits go with Dunks Nike?

“Depends on what kind of outfit you go for, sometimes sweat pants or baggy pants work best.” 

How do you clean Nike Air Dunk Low trainers? 

Having a few pairs of shoes to pick from helps to keep them clean, I wear different pairs every day. Something I do really like is Solequake from urban elements.”

Which Nike Dunks Womens are most popular?  

“The Nike Lows Dunks De La Souls (2015) I don’t own these. My favorite colourway is the Nike Dunks High Top Villanova.”

Nike Dunk Sizing Guide Recommendation

  • Snug fit: Half size down and wear with thin socks. 
  • Roomier Fit: True to size 

Nike Dunk Sizing Facts

Undoubtedly 2021 and 2022 has been the year of the Nike SE/SB Dunk, with many colour variations released.

What was the first year of the Dunks Nike? They first made an appearance in 1985 as a basketball trainer however its fashionable appearance has made it perfect to rock for everyday use. Nike Dunks High Top was first unveiled through the be ‘True To Your School campaign’. 

What is the difference between the Nike Dunk SE and the SB? SE means Special Edition. SB means Skateboarding. The differences between the two are the tongue cushioning, comfort underfoot, and the sole.

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