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The Adidas Swift Run 22 is designed with running in mind but works better for casual daily wear. Comfort is the aim blended with a one-piece knit mesh upper and a soft/firm EVA midsole.

Taking inspiration from the Adidas Originals Swift Run RF, more than half of the trainer is made from 50% recycled material. Shoutout to Adidas for this one looking out for the planet! 

 How does the Adidas Swift Run 22 fit?

The Adidas Swift Run 22 is narrow towards the front, suggest you ½ size up. If you have flat or wide feet and comfort is what you are looking for would suggest going for a different model like the Adidas ZX 5K Boost. 

Reason To Cop:Annoying Things: 
Decent price under £100. Knit mesh upper and inside lining not very breathable, feet will sweat. 
Nice flex at the toe crease area. Awkward to put on, the tongue doesn’t move very much. 
The midsole has balance and a cushiony feeling in the heel and middle. Angled EVA sole pushes your foot forward, weird feeling. 
Eco-friendly Ortholite insole made with 5% recycled material. The design is a bit boring. But simple enough if you are looking for something lowkey. 

To make sure the Swift Run 22 fits, the widest width of your foot needs to fit inside the shoe without being too tight. Going up a size will cause heel slippage

What material is used in Adidas Swift Run 22 Trainers?

Adidas Swift Run 22 shoes are made with a knit mesh upper and synthetic inside lining.  Blended with an EVA midsole for stable balance and instant comfort.  

How long does Adidas Swift Run 22 Trainer last?

The Swift Run 22 trainer worn for everyday use expect to last 2-3 years. 

How to wash the Adidas Swift Run 22 Shoes? 

The best way to clean the Swift Run 22 sneaker is by checking out our cleaning video. 

To keep the Swift Run 22 fresh place them in freezer bags (keeps dust away) and insert shoe trees inside (maintain shape)

What to do if you have two different size feet?

Having different-sized feet is normal and if the difference in size is small you should:

  • The Swift Run 22 isn’t really for wide or flat feet the Adidas ZX 5K Boost is a better option. 
  • Wear thinner or thicker socks depending on the difference in size. 
  • Losen laces if the shoes become tight. 

What is an Ortholite insole?

Ortholite is a open-cell foam insole that is lightweight, stops heat and gives long-term cushioning. Comfort given is normally only found on high-end sports trainers but at a cheaper price. Made with 5% recycled material.

Are Ortholite insoles washable?

The simple answer is Yes! Ortholite insoles are washable in the washing machine on a warm cycle at 30ºC this will help their comfort and performance for a long time. 

Does Ortholite have arch support?

Yes, arch cookie foam pads can be added to add extra arch support and a fit personalised for you, to help you walk longer and create a soft cushion for your foot. 

How is the Adidas Swift Run 22 with wide feet?

  • Better suited for narrow feet but the lightweight material on the upper flexes so could get slyly get away with it. 
  • The ball of the feet should sit comfortably at the widest part of the shoe without sticking out too much. 
  • One size up if you have wide feet. 

Editors Thoughts:  

  • The Swift Run 22 fits weird in my opinion it’s very soft at the heel but firm at the front of the EVA midsole. 
  • Design is a bit boring in my opinion not much happening more of a functional shoe rather than looks. 
  • The price point is a bit steep. But the breathable Ortholite insole makes up for it for keeping your feet cool. 

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