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Wondering what are the best comfortable back to school trainers and shoes that will last from the first day in September until the last day in June? We’ve put this article together to help you make the right decision for your child and their school. 



Can you wear trainers to school?

Yes, you can wear trainers to school if the uniform policy allows you to or have been given special permission. Trainers are usually recommended for physical education (PE) for your own safety, comfort, and to support your feet. 

Schools cant discriminate on the trainers you wear based on sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion, or belief. But they do make their own uniform rules. 


What’s the difference between trainers and school shoes?

Might not be in the back to school trainer section but if the shoe is branded and sport-like with or without velcro they could be classed as trainers. To be on the safe side, any branded school shoe should be plain black or white if the school allows it, just make sure you check the school uniform policy. 

Nike Air Force 1


The Nike Air Force 1s can be worn to school as they provide good comfort, and the thick ankle padding offers support throughout the school day when it’s being bashed, scuffed, and bruised. Non-marking rubber sole has a good tread pattern safe enough for when winter ice comes around and summer for that needed grip. 

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PE and Sports Day

PE is an important part of the national curriculum so the right pair of trainers will be needed. Normally, schools will tell you what type of trainers are allowed so check the uniform policy but plain white is usually a safe option.  

Is your child playing sports at school either football or rugby? You will definitely need boots or indoor-specific trainers and shin pads for similar PE sports for safety reasons. 

Normally students that do not have the right trainers will not be allowed to take part in PE and sports or will need to borrow some from the lost and found, which is very hygienic.  

Good reasons to wear trainers to school

Trainers may need to be worn to school but this should only be done for good reason: 

  • Injury – Meaning you cannot wear the correct uniform
  • The right uniform hasn’t been bought yet. 
  • PE is scheduled for part/whole of the school day. 
  • Lost school shoes. 
  • Worn-out sole – Unsafe to wear 
  • Foot popping out of sides. 
  • The Upper and sole are not attached. 
  • Outgrown previous pair. 
  • Change of circumstances.  

Need help buying a uniform?  

If you can’t afford the school uniform or trainers needed for the PE kit speak to the head teacher you may be able to get some help. 

Can you return the trainers after wearing them?

Yes! Proof of purchase must be provided with a receipt or bank statement to the retailer if you bought them in-store. Trainers bought online and not discounted should have a minimum of 14 days to return, the refund must be received within 14 days of the retailer receiving the goods. 

Try your trainers on carpet so you don’t damage or make the sole dirty and often you will be allowed to return after wearing them. If they look worn or outside of the returns period you might not be allowed to return them.

Does Nike do school shoes?

Yes, for Nike trainers to be allowed as school shoes they often need to be plain black with no fancy colours or patterns.

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