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No, the Vapormax bubble does not pop easily. They can if exposed to a sharp object or the bubble is put under a lot of pressure. They are unlikely to pop from daily use. The rubber used for the air bubble won’t wear down easily. 

I tested the Nike Air Bubble to see if it will pop easily, so you can feel confident wearing your shoes. Perhaps you are thinking about buying the vapormax or already have a pair.

A similar Nike Air Bubble used on the vapormax is also on the Nike Air Max 270. To give you the right answer whether the vapormax bubble pop easily the Nike Air sneakers were worn daily for a week. 

You’ll be happy to know they didn’t pop at all! 

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Why Vapormax Bubble Won’t Pop 

The engineers at Nike designed the VaporMax over 5 years and the air bubble is made in a two-part midsole. They are made of strong Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) nitrogen gas fill air units at the heel and front with a durable rubber sole.

During research and development, the vapormax sneaker bubble was tested with over 350 runners. During the tests, they were exposed to different surfaces, temperatures and foot pressure so the bubble won’t pop easily.

The combined distance it took to test the Vapormax sneakers is equal to running around the earth 5 times approximately 124,505 miles (200,375 kilometers) – Discover the best shoes for walking around the earth, complete list.

Benefits of Vapormax bubble (TPU Plastic)

  • Won’t wear down easily 
  • Flexible
  • Long-lasting in all weather conditions
  • Strong material
  • Resilience to oils, greases and solvents
  • Easy to coloring
  • Easy to recycle 

So that the vapormax bubble won’t pop easily, machines with ovens heat the plastic film and appear as a complete air bubble midsole. Machines are constantly running, any flawed air bubbles are rejected and recycled. 

The Vapormax Sole Is Tough

The air bubble can’t easily because it never touches the ground. The bubble’s purpose is to provide cushioning and it is wrapped in strong sole plastic. 

As you can see using scissors to try and pop the bubble sole is not easy and requires a lot of effort. 

Workouts With The Vapormax 


Depending on the exercise you’ll be doing the vapormax won’t pop easily even with all the body weight on one shoe. 

Don’t worry even if you are squatting you have nothing to worry about the vapormax is designed to take additional pressure. 

Nike VaporMax FAQs

Is it good to run in VaporMax?

No! Nike designed them runners but sadly wears have suggested they are unstable at times. Also, professional athletes hardly wear Vapormax to run, more of a lifestyle fashion sneaker. 

Can you work out in VaporMax?

You can work out in VaporMax. But there are better trainers that offer cushioning, stability, and ankle support in the Nike Air Zoom range. 

Can you return Nikes if the air bubble pops?

Yes, if the air bubble in your Nike shoes pops (material flaw) contact Nike or return them to authorised retailers. Within 60 days of purchase, you can return to Nike for a full refund. Longer than 60 days and less than two years since the manufacture date contact Nike.

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