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The Adidas Response CL is a blend of the 2003 Response Cushion and the Response Control 7. Response CL steals its design cues from the 2000s running shoes with mesh for breathability, TPU reflective adi stripes, and EVA midsole.

Do the Adidas Response CLs run true to size?


No, the adidas Response CL trainers fit half size up the toebox area is narrow. Wouldn’t risk going true to size (TTS) and might find yourself returning them. 

Adidas Response CLs On Feet Review

Cushioned adi prene misole.Narrow fitting. 
In the UK, CL trainers retail for below £100 ($113).Don’t fit true to size. 
Nice design suede and mesh overlays.Not many colourway options. 


What size should you get?


The Adidas CL are narrow-fitting trainers from the arch to the heel and the toe box is narrow, you should half size up.

Narrow width feet

For narrow feet, you may feel like they fit small but just get your normal size and loosen the laces slightly. After wearing them a few times the shoe will mould to your foot and start to feel roomier.  

Medium width feet

Medium-width feet the Response CL trainers will fit tight on your feet, it’s best to loosen the laces slightly when tied. Half size up from your normal size. 

Wide width feet

For wide feet they don’t fit true to size would suggest you get a half size up. If the sneaker feels too tight remove the insole and wear without. Just be mindful that you do lose a bit of comfort, so pick your socks wisely. 

Tips for wide feet 

  • If you have wide feet the widest part of your foot is likely to be pressed against the toe box, which is uncomfortable to start. 
  • If your feet are wide this will probably cause blisters and a bit of soreness. 

How to clean Adidas Response CLs Adidas Response CL

The Adidas Response CLs are made with a suede, textile, and mesh upper. To clean use a dry bristle brush. Check out our cleaning-related cleaning video for the best cleaning product kit to use.  

To keep the Adidas Response CLs fresh place them in freezer bags (keeps dust away) and insert shoe trees inside (maintain shape).

Are Adidas CL Sneakers Durable?


The majority of the upper is made with mesh and suede which makes it less likely to crease. Make sure you rotate your shoes so you don’t overwear them.


The Response CL is less likely to stretch, as there is no use of leather. Naturally, the sneaker will stretch and mould to your foot’s shape over time. 

Final Thoughts  

  • Shoe is reasonably priced but lack different colour options.
  • Fit half size up, and not really suited for flat or wide feet.
  • The suede and mesh used on the upper can be tricky clean. Clean with care. 


What year did the Response CL come out?

Adidas Response line first came out in 2003 with the release of the response cushion. And has seen many other releases since. 

Are Adidas Response CL unisex?

Yes, the Adidas Response CL is a unisex trainer for performance and casual wear. 

Who wore Response CL?

Bad Bunny the Puerto Rican rapper has collaborated with Adidas for Response CL core white, triple black, and yellow pair. The rapper was seen wearing an all-black sample pair at CinemaCon. 

What to do if you have two different size feet?

Having different-sized feet is normal and if the difference in size is small you should:

  • Choose the larger size if one foot is bigger than the other. 
  • Wear thinner or thicker socks depending on the difference in size. 
  • Try on sneakers late afternoon when feet are largest due to swelling.
  • Losen laces if the shoes become tight. 

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