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Can I use the pink stuff cleaner on White Trainers? 

Yes, you can. White trainers usually feature raw material of latex rubber, which is moulded into a shape to create an outsole and a white synthetic leather upper. When the pink stuff cleaner paste is mixed with water, it breaks down stains to whitten the trainers. 

Pink Stuff Paste For Trainers


The Pink Stuff cleaner is a great way to clean your trainers. It uses all-natural ingredients and is environmentally non-toxic. The Pink Stuff comes in a tub and is easy to use and apply to trainers. It works best on leather or synthetic leather trainers. All you will need is a soft bristle brush…

Pink stuff cleaner is great for removing stains from shoes and cleaning other items in your home.

If you’re a sneakerhead, you might also want to use it to clean your sneaker display case. If you don’t have one yet, we have some awesome suggestions in our article about 27 cool sneakerhead gifts.

Air Force 1

The Low Nike Air Force 1 is the most popular sneaker constructed of synthetic leather, which will stretch and lose colour over time. Cleaning the trainers using pink stuff paste is fine as it will break down stains and mud that appear on the surface. 

White Vans

White Vans are usually designed with a canvas fabric or leather upper. Using the pink stuff stain remover is fine as long as correct cleaning guidance is followed. 

Converse Trainers

Pink stuff can be used to clean converse with tough surface stains as the product is soluble in water. 

Leather Shoes

Pink stuff paste is an all-purpose cleaner that quickly and efficiently removes the most stubborn stains on leather shoes. Small test amounts should be used to being to see how the leather shoe’s surface reacts with the paste. 

Black Trainers

Black trainers come in a variety of materials. Black leather trainers are normally made of nonwoven fabric and polyurethane resin; therefore, they can resist all stains and spills and are easy to clean using pink stuff paste in the event of soiling. 

How do you use pink stuff on shoes? 

Apply gently on a dampened cloth, medium bristle brush, or sponge and rub the surface of the shoes and rinse well with clean water. If necessary, polish with a clean, dry cloth. 

Does the pink stuff get rid of yellow stains on shoes?

The simple answer is Yes!

Stains on shoes usually consist of starchy carbohydrate elements, protein, oil, dyes, and pigments such as red wine and lipstick. The majority of stains contain a mixture of these components. 

Stubborn protein-based stains, i.e. blood on your trainers, are broken down by the pink stuff cleaning paste when mixed with water. This speeds up the chemical processes, removing them from the surface of shoes with minimal effort. 

Does the Pink Stuff clean white shoes?

Yes, immediately clean using the cleaning paste after getting dirty, as this gives little chance for stains to set into fabric or synthetic leather as they will be difficult to remove. 

Be careful not to over-clean white trainers as eventually they will get worn down. I recommend rotating. Check out the latest trainers at the UK and European retailers. 

Is the pink stuff cleaner toxic?

No! No known reactivity hazards, stability concerns, conditions likely to result in a hazardous situation, or hazardous decomposition products linked with the pink stuff paste when cleaning shoes. 

Does the pink stuff cleaner have chemicals in it?  

The pink stuff cleaning paste is a degreasing agent that has a mild detergent odour. It contains a blend of quartz, soap, sodium carbonate (baking soda), and sodium percarbonate to de-stain, deodorize, and whiten stained shoes. 

Is the pink stuff toxic to humans?

  • May intensify fire; oxidiser. 
  • Harmful if swallowed. 
  • Causes skin irritation. 
  • Causes serious eye damage. 
  • Causes serious eye irritation. 
  • It may cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled. 
  • May cause respiratory irritation.

How long to leave pink stuff cleaner on shoes

Rinse immediately after gently applying and scrubbing the surface of the shoes. After scrubbing and lifting stains, leave for 2-3 minutes to allow the cleaning paste to break down the stains, and then rinse using a damp microfibre cloth until clear. 

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