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Crep Protect is a London-based sneaker care brand established in 2012 by brothers Rizwan, Imran and Nohman Ahmed. They produce a number of products from sneaker protection, and cleaning kits and also provide cleaning services at their London flagship store. Their product offering also includes sneaker travel bags, storage products, comfort insoles, laces, and brand collaboration with the NBA and DJ Khaled who are leaders in shoe care innovation.  

Crep Protect Awards

  • “2nd place in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 as the fastest growing independent company in the UK” 
  • “Europe’s fastest growing fashion brand by the Financial Times” 
  • “Crep Protect is distributed across 52 countries.”

More of their products can be found on their website. This review only covers their Crep Protect Cure Cleaner Kit.

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Cure Cleaning Kit


How is the packaging?  

The packaging is very creative, all the items need to clean fit inside the case that works ideally as a travel case and water bowl. The hard shell travel case is finished in jet black with Crep Protect branding embossed with a banana yellow zipper. The case does an excellent job of protecting the cleaning items inside.

When you first receive your new Crep Protect Cure Kit the case is surrounded by a sleeve with a cleaning illustration. Very helpful sick idea. 

The Crep Protect Cure cleaning solution bottle has a cleaning guide information, suede and nubuck cleaning note, ingredients, and a warning caution that states; 

“Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from eyes. If the cleaning solution gets into the eyes rinse thoroughly with water. People with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid contact with the product. If the product is ingested seek medical attention” 

What’s included? 


  • Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Solution
  • Premium Bristle Brush
  • Crep Protect Microfibre Cloth
  • Storage and travel case 
  • Built-in reusable water tray

Cleaning Solution


How to use it?

For suede or nubuck, a suede-specific sneaker cleaning kit works better. Use with caution. Use minimal water and brush gently. Test for colour fastness. 

The Crep Protect Original Kit requires 6 simple steps: 


  1. Pour lukewarm water into the bowl and dip the brush. crep-protect-cure-solution-brush
  2. Apply 4-5 drops of cleaning solution to the brush.
  3. Dry brush shoes to remove dust.  crep-protect-brush-saturation-test
  4. Shake to ensure it is not oversaturated. Scrub the shoe gently in a circular motion.crep-protect-microfibre-cloth-wiping
  5. Use a microfibre cloth provided to wipe away excess cleaning solution and water.  crep-protect-cleaning-dry-process
  6. Repeat the process until your sneakers are fresh and air dry shoes for 24 hours. 

How long does it last? 


The cleaning solution comes in a 100ml clear plastic bottle with Crep Protect warning that people with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid conduct with the product. The expiry date or shelf life of the sneaker cleaning solution is not clearly stated.  

Crep Protect claims that their cleaning solution can clean up to 50 pairs of sneakers. This depends on the amount of cleaner you use for each clean.

When the Crep Protect shoe cleaner was tested found that 4-5 drops of cleaning solution were enough to clean a shoe. A pair of trainers can easily be cleaned with the drops that were added to the solution to start with. 

While cleaning make sure you dip the brush back into the cleaning solution and water, don’t use a dirty pal.

Does the Crep Protect cleaning solution work? 


Yes, depending on the type of material you are cleaning and the type of stain the foam will perform differently. While testing the Crep Protect Cure Kit found it works best on leather and fabric sneakers. After repeating the process stains in the stitching did come out.

The Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Solution smells amazing, think of your favourite fruit… Now double that sensation hmm… While testing this product out I kept smelling it couldn’t get enough of it and you won’t either. 

Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Solution Ingredients:

Made from 98% coconut extracts, aqua (water) and other natural ingredients. 

Premium Brush


Premium Brush Measurements:  

Length4.1 inches (103 mm)
Width1.6 inches (40 mm)
Depth1.5 inches (38 mm)

If you have medium to large hands the brush does feel big enough to firmly grip with one hand. The bristles are on the soft flexi side however on a leather upper sneaker they managed to remove dirt and stains. 

Is the sneaker cleaning brush good?  


Yes, the Crep Protect medium bristle brush helps to lift dirt and stains and there is a slight dip in the middle for added grip and design. The cleaning solution works well with the brush on leather sneakers very well. Be mindful that the amount of dirt or type of stain on your shoes will require different cleaning steps and techniques. 

Crep Wipes 12 Pack


Are the Crep Protect Sneaker Wipes good? 

Yes, the textured raised dots cleaned the pair of Adidas ZX 22 Boost very well by removing all of the dry mud on the midsole. 12 wipes are provided as a set sold separately in a metal tin case. The wipes are durable and even after harsh cleaning of the midsole the wipes never ripped. 

How to use them?


  1. Tear open the package. 
  2. Gently wipe shoes with a smooth surface. 
  3. If dirt remains, use the rough textured side.
  4. Repeat until your sneakers are clean. 

Note: Wipes are not recommended for suede and nubuck.


Aqua, PEG-75 Lanolin, and Fragrance. 


Polyester and Viscose.  

Pocket-sized shoe wipes are ideal for travel. Would recommend using the sneaker wipes on the smooth and textured for tough stains, textured cleaning surfaces are ideal for leather, canvas, and nylon vinyl. One wipe can clean at least 2 pairs of shoes without having to use a new pack.  

Microfibre Cloth


Is the microfibre cloth good? 

Yes, the Crep Protect microfibre cloth is high quality in terms of how it feels, is thick, and has a large surface area. The large surface area is an advantage as it lets you soak up as much water as possible. 

Crep Spray


Note: When spraying make sure the room is well ventilated and do not inhale the spray, it has a harsh smell. 

The Crep Protect Spray works and does a very good job at protecting footwear, hats, bags, and other items you want to care for. 

Crep Protect claims their is… “ultimate rain and stain resistant barrier.” The spray creates a protective layer that reduces the amount of rainwater and stains on your shoes using nanotechnology. 

How to use: 

  1. Make sure sneakers are clean. Shake the spray before use. 
  2. Spray evenly around the shoe from 20cm away. 
  3. Leave to dry for approx 10 minutes.
  4. Spray again evenly to create a protective barrier.
  5. Leave to dry for approx 10 minutes.


Need a sneaker cleaning kit that has everything, a water bowl and storage, and a travel case, ticks all the boxes. Cleaning solution at 100ml is a bit small but used generously it should last for a number of months.   

  • Travel and Storage Case – Out of all the sneaker and shoe cleaning kits tested this is the best travel cleaning kit and has everything included. 
  • Crep protect Wipes – The wipes are amazing when we tested them they removed all the mud. The only letdown was they were not included as part of the cleaning set, have to purchase separately.  
  • Premium Bristle Brush – The brush is the biggest out of all brands reviewed and was able to clean more of the shoe. However, some of the bristles did break away probably because is it made from natural materials that don’t damage sneakers. 

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