Nike Dunk Low SB Cherry


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Did you know cheery trees can be harvested in 7 secs? You know what else can be done in 7 secs… tying your shoe laces, go on try it! Kicking off at the sole or root should we say the Nike Dunk Low SB Cherry has a concentration of dark red intermingled with a bleached white midsole. The upper is split into 4 panels consisting of soft red cheery leather and dark fuzzy burgundy nubuck. Matching laces continue the cheery theme away from the upper into the tongue, for that sweet touch similar to the stone fruit. Quilted heel stitching adds an extra harvest of design ques to keep you in good health for this those mid-day strolls.

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May 2022


Nike Dunk Low SB


Burgundy Crush/Team Red

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