Salomon XT-Pathway


Make your dreams a reality by navigating mountains and urban spaces with the versatile Salomon XT Pathway—superior comfort for long walks, cushioning rough terrain and glue-like traction on slippery surfaces. The sneaker is ready to tackle any distance with a clean, sleek design and a durable upper. A protective synthetic toe cap provides essential safety against jagged rocky terrain.



Are you looking for a walking shoe that can easily navigate mountains and urban spaces? Do you want to feel versatile and comfortable on your feet? If so, you need to try the Salomon XT-Pathway. This shoe has amazing features that will make you love walking more than ever. The Salomon XT-Pathway has:

  • Superior cushioning that absorbs shock and smooths rough terrain.
  • Glue-like traction that grips slippery surfaces and prevents slipping.
  • A sleek design and a durable upper that protect your feet and make you look good.

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